Vice Cosmetics Duo Finish Foundation Review, Swatches, Price, with Wear Test

Vice Cosmetics Duo-Finish Foundation was launched 3 days ago and I've already published a video review at the PinayBeautyAndStyle YouTube Channel aside from this written review. Like this review, my video review for the Vice Cosmetics Duo-Finish Foundation includes wear test of both dry application and wet application plus a summary of my experience testing it out. You can view that review video further down this blog post. 

Vice Cosmetics Duo Finish Foundation Review, Swatches, Price, with Wear Test

What is the Vice Cosmetics Duo-Finish Foundation?

The Vice Cosmetics Duo-Finish Foundation is a powder foundation product that can be used either dry or wet with a sponge applicator or a brush. The product can be applied with a dry sponge or a wet sponge for better coverage but can also be applied with a powder puff or a foundation brush for lighter coverage.

CLICK HERE for the official Shopee store of Vice Cosmetics where they offer discounts, especially around payday.

A compact of the Vice Cosmetics Duo Finish Foundation retails for P245 and contains 7 grams of product. The compact is sealed with plastic when you purchase it. There are air holes in the bottom for the sponge compartment. It typically lasts me a few weeks. 

The product is cruelty-free, vegan, and is paraben-free. Claims include oil control, blurring effect, and buildable coverage.

Vice Cosmetics Duo Finish Foundation Swatches and Shades

There are 8 shades in this powder foundation collection although I only used 4 for this written review and the video version. 

 The 8 shades are: 
  • Tisay and Chesa for very fair skin
  • Putinamez and Kinesa for fair skin
  • Shade ni Vice and Moreyna for slightly tanned skin
  • So Pinay and Flawlesa for deep skin tone or morena beauties

I used Tisay, Chesa, Moreyna, and Flawlesa in this review. 

Just a note: I like the packaging because it is sleek and compact. The mirror isn't perfect but will do for application of the product. I hope they consider selling refills because the product is only 7 grams and will be used up in just weeks. Plus, having refills will mean less packaging waste. 

Vice Cosmetics Duo Finish Foundation Swatches

The swatches above are self-explanatory but I'll add this detail just in case some readers may need more information.
  • Tisay is a very pale yellow tone color
  • Chesa is a very pale peachy-warm color with olive-ish undertone
  • Putinamez is a pale beige with yellow undertone 
  • Kinesa is beige with warm undertone
  • Shade ni Vice is beige with cooler undertone
  • Moreyna is a darker beige with a neutral undertone
  • So Pinay is a warm dark beige but can have a bit of pink under certain lighting
  • Flawlesa is a deep brown-beige with a golden undertone

My shade match is Chesa but I can get away with wearing Tisay too, especially on days when I have a lot of skin redness.

In the photo above, the first 4 swatches (from top to bottom) are the shades Tisay, Chesa, Moreyna, and Flawlesa swatched in dry powder form. The 4 bottom swatches (from the top) are Tisay, Chesa, Moreyna, and Flawlesa swatched with a wet sponge.

As you can see, the wet application produces a better blurring effect plus a smoother finish. Coverage is buildable from sheer to medium-high coverage for both application techniques. It can pass for full coverage too.

me before wet application of Vice Cosmetics Duo Finish Foundation

after wet application of the Vice Cosmetics Duo Finish Foundation

Notice the blurring effect. Slight white cast because of SPF 25 but this isn't visible with the naked eye. It is only seen here because of my lighting and camera.

You can watch the application test and full wear test in this review video of the Vice Cosmetics Duo Finish Foundation.


I used the product on the day of the event to retouch. Photo above was taken 10 minutes after applying it on top of my existing liquid foundation (that I used before I went to the launch). It added more coverage as well as evened out my skin. Blurring effect is real too. Lighting is slightly dim restaurant lighting. 

Photo above was taken after the event while stuck in EDSA traffic. This was 3 hours after I used the Vice Cosmetics Duo Finish Foundation to retouch. The oil control is great and the blurring is still there. Lighting for the photo above is late afternoon natural light.

You can view the video shared above to see how the product performed on video. Below is a summary too. 

 Vice Cosmetics Duo Finish Foundation Review Summary

The claims are real:

  • Coverage can range from sheer to high medium, definitely buildable. Not so sure about full coverage because I haven't really packed this on. I did achieve high medium coverage when I used a layer of wet application on top of powder form as can be seen in my video.
  • SPF is even visible under bright lighting and certain camera settings.
  • Oil control is superb! This foundation also melts on your skin as you oil up so it looks even better at the 3-6 hour mark. Beyond that, it won't look so good unless you retouch or blot.

My other thoughts and observations:

  • I wish they offer refills so that there is no need to waste the container after use. Imagine having to throw away the compact every few weeks!
  • The powder is super smooth and creamy so can really blur out pores/skin. It gives you a slightly filtered look. 
  • No strong scents. Only faint powder scent so good because I am really sensitive to scents.
  • Love that this is paraben-free, vegan, and cruelty-free.
  • I like the formula and the finish. I used the darker shades for contouring (demo in video above) and wish they have more or darker shades. Maybe add a really dark one and another that is almost white? I'm sure that will sell well as long as they use this same exact formula.
  • The powder doesn't cake up when applied over  existing makeup.
  • The Vice Cosmetics Duo Finish Foundation gives you a fresh look when applied alone as a face powder.
  • The powder doesn't cake up when used with a wet sponge.
  • Lasting power and coverage is better with wet application.
  • Can last 3-5 hours before seeing visible oil on oily skin.
  • Very forgiving on textured skin. I have some bumps, flaking, and emerging pimples on the side of my face and this powder foundation kinda blurred them as can be seen on video.
I will update this when I have more info or want to add something. For now, I think this is better than a lot of local powder foundations I've tried but note that I've only had this for 3 days. This is just a first impressions review so no score yet. 

UPDATE: After using for 3 weeks, I found out that one compact can last 2-4 weeks only. This doesn't cause breakouts for me and the long-lasting power is a huge plus. I give this 4/5!

Read about the Vice Cosmetics Duo Finish Foundation Launch HERE.

You can buy Vice Cosmetics Duo Finish Foundation from their physical stores too. 

CLICK HERE for the official Shopee store of Vice Cosmetics where they offer discounts, especially around payday.

UPDATE: The #DuoFinishFoundation will be available in Vice Co Stores, Selected SM Beauty Stores and Watsons starting APRIL 8, Monday. 

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