Ponds Mineral Clay Mask Review - Does the Pure White Detox Variant Work?

Ponds Mineral Clay Mask was released in the Philippines late last year but I only purchased a few weeks ago and took me a while to try. It's been sitting inside my drawer for months! I finally tried both the Detoxx variant and the White Beauty variant of the Ponds Mineral Clay Mask a few weeks ago and I think I've used both enough times to share a review. 

Ponds Mineral Clay Mask Review - Does the Pure White Detox Variant Work?

The Ponds Mineral Clay Mask D-Toxx treatment is available in tubes as well as resealable sachets. 

I can't find the tube in stores near me so I bought several sachets. A sachet is less than P30.

Pond's Pure White Mineral Clay Mask D-TOXX Treatment Product Information and Claims:

The Ponds Mineral Clay Mask is marketed as an elevated cleansing approach by Pond's. This Charcoal clay mask is formulated with 100% mineral-enriched Moroccan clay sourced from natural sources and carries 4X the absorption power for impurities because of its combined D-Toxx charcoal technology. Theoretically, this combination is supposed to flush out toxins by restoring the skin's ability to detox. The product info said too that you can expect extra glow after use.

To recap what is the Pond's Pure White Mineral Clay Mask D-TOXX Treatment:

  • this is a 10-minute treatment clay mask
  • this can deeply purify the skin to bring back glow
  • can absorb 4X more impurities than plain charcoal

The product looks like a mud-based mask that is made dark with charcoal. Consistency is like toothpaste.

Ponds Mineral Clay Mask spreads evenly too. Shown above are both variants. I will feature the Pond's White Beauty Mineral Clay Mask on another review.

How to use:

To use the Ponds Mineral Clay Mask, you need to spread a thin layer over your face and let it sit for 10 minutes. You don't have to use it the way I did here. I only used it in a targeted manner because I have both variants and I figured that using the Ponds Mineral Clay Mask Pure White Detox on areas where I usually have breakouts makes sense since breakouts are usually caused by either hormonal shifts or skin impurities for me.

After letting it sit for 10 minutes, don't expect it to dry. It will still be soft enough to wash off with water or take off with a wet cloth. I usually use a wet cloth and then wash off with lukewarm water.

Pond's Mineral Clay Mask Review Summary - Pure White Detox Variant

  • refreshing
  • helps promote clearer skin
  • makes my skin feel clean but not dry or taut
  • did not cause breakouts
  • easy to rinse off

Do I prefer the Ponds Mineral Clay Mask in Pure White Detox or the Pond's Mineral Clay Mask in White Beauty? I like both! Been using for the past few weeks about twice a day.

I got other Pond's products too! Which one should I review next?

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