Esfolio Multi Bubble Peeling Cleanser Review - A 2-Step Product for Pure Skin!

Esfolio products continue to be a favorite for myself and one of my repurchases is the Esfolio Pure Skin 2 Step Multi Bubble & Peeling Cleanser. This is one of their products that I didn't like at first but once I learned how to use this for my skin, is now part of my favorites from Esfolio Philippines!

Esfolio Pure Skin Multi Bubble & Peeling Cleanser Review

What is the Esfolio Multi Bubble Peeling Cleanser?

Okay, to say that product is complicated is an understatement. I'm not saying this to dis the product but just being honest. I thought this was supposed to work like a pack because the instructions for use says to wait until stiff to rinse off (I'll tell you later how to use this) and this won't ever get stiff no matter how long you wait, hahah!

Buy Esfolio skin care products  HERE via their Shopee store <--- avoid fakes by buying direct from Esfolio

So anyway, after about a year of use, I finally understood that this product works a certain way as a peeling gel and a facial cleanser in one. The bubble effect may just be a bonus but I think that helps with lifting dirt and dead skin so you can 'peel' them off later by using a rubbing motion after the bubbles stopped forming. 

CLAIMS: The product information says that the bubbling helps get rid of dirt and impurities and that the formula is supposed to smoothen, hydrate, brighten, and even out your skin

Special ingredients are extracts of the following:
  • papaya fruit
  • hippophae rhamnoides
  • camellia sinensis leaf
  • lemon fruit

The information on the packaging is not super clear and I must say, this is a truly unique product.

PRICE: P949 for 120 ml but can easily last you months

By the way, I got my first bottle of the Esfolio Multi Bubble Peeling Cleanser from my HUGE Esfolio Haul in late 2017 but only figured out how to use it weeks after.

The above is the culprit. I think it took me more than 50 pumps to finally get the product to dispense. Other people gave up as I've read in a facebook group but you really have to press on it a lot of times for first time use. It's worth the effort naman!

Another thing to note is that the small opening can get clogged after use so you have to make sure to keep it clear before use.

The above is about 2 squirts of the Esfolio Multi Bubble Peeling Cleanser.


  • Squirt a few pumps (about 5-10 for me) on your palm and apply on dry face. 
  • Wait for about a minute to start seeing bubbles forming. 
  • Allow the bubbles to form.
  • After about 2 to 3 minutes, massage the bubbles onto your face.
  • Rinse Off.

Note that the resulting paste from massaging unto your face won't become stiff enough to peel off. The direction of use online posted at BeautyMNL is a bit misleading.

Before, during, and after. Can you see how much brighter my skin looked afterward?

And to be honest, the bubbling effects feels really nice. Like a lot of tiny hands massaging your face gently. 

Esfolio Pure Skin 2 Step Multi Bubble Peeling Cleanser Review Summary

So yeah. the product surely works. It may just take a while to get the hang of using this and trying to get the packaging to dispense the product but the product really works well. I use this on days I have a lot of skin peeling or uneven skin texture. Also when I haven't been sleeping well.

Rating according to claims:
  • Skin-evening 4/5
  • Skin brightening 4/5 but only temporary, not gonna lighten scars or severe pigmentation
  • Skin smoothening 5/5
  • Skin hydrating 4/5 because this somehow helps other products absorb better
  • Packaging 3/5 because the pump gets blocked and it takes about 50 pumps to dispense product..however, I think that this is also good because I lost my cap and even after a few months the product inside haven't dried out yet. You win some, you lose some. 

Esfolio Pure Skin 2 Step Multi Bubble Peeling Cleanser Review rating 4/5

Buy Esfolio skin care products  HERE via their Shopee store <--- avoid fakes by buying direct from Esfolio

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