Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion Ex Review Shade 23 (4 months use!) - Fave Korean Cushion Definitely!

I've seen the Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion from someone else but I wasn't convinced to use it until Animetric raved about it on her blog and FB. I did buy it before that but I was supposed to give it to someone as a gift (since its sosy) and ended up keeping it for myself. 

It isn't like I don't want to use my first Sulwhasoo cushion. I like Sulwhasoo as a skincare brand but I wasn't so sure about their cosmetics line. Glad that it is available in Althea Korea and got to try it!

Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion Ex Review Shade 23

What is Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion Ex?

Sulwhasoo cushion is made with "flexible film-fixing-polymer" according to the product page in Althea Korea Philippines. It promises to be long-wearing because it builds a protective barrier that can for about 12-hours of flawless wear.

That sold me because I have dehydrated but oily skin during cooler months (I first tried this around December 2018) and need something that can keep oil at bay but still give me that really good base. 

This Sulwhasoo cushion contains apricot kernel oil and Jaumdan water, ingredients that are supposed to hydrate and nourish the skin as well as promote collagen production. I guess that's how this works to give the user a fresh look without sacrificing good coverage. 

The cushion retails for P2,420 which might seem steep at first, especially when comparing the pricing to other Korean cushion makeup. However, the box contains enough product to last you about 2 months because they've included a refill. Not bad.

The Sulwhasoo Cushion I got is shade 23. From experience using Korean cushion makeup, I know that my shade is 21 so that's why I was saving the cushion to gift to someone. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I can't find shade 21 from local sellers so I gave in and just tried shade 23. It worked great! Shade 23 is natural beige. 

I didn't read the details when I bought this because I was intending to give it to someone else. Seeing that it came with refill was a pleasant surprise that made me really happy. I'm babaw like that :)

The packaging has an old-world luxury feel to it. Like old European meets Japanese simplicity. Maybe that's what the brand was aiming for. It did made me a bit conscious to use the product when with friends because they know Sulwhasoo as an old-lady-brand. They changed their mind after finding out how great it is, by the way. 

I took the photo above under bright morning light so the SPF was really picked up by the camera. In real life, Shade 23 is noticeably darker than my skin color but it can easily be remedied by using a lighter concealer.

I wasn't expecting good coverage because the product isn't too thick in consistency but look, coverage!

I used to layer it with a lighter concealer to suit my skin. That was back in December when I was paler.

They weren't kidding about a long-lasting flawless finish! I pretty much used this every day from December-ish 2018 to February 2019. I've gone through 2 boxes as I'm writing this now.

I first talked about this on my social media in January 2019. You can view that Sulwahsoo Cushion Facebook thread HERE

Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion Ex Shade 23 is perfect for my current skin color. The photo above was taken in March 2019 at the Love Beauty and Planet Summer Collection Launch. It works great in hot and humid weather too! I'm currently on my 3rd box!

Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion Ex Review Shade 23 (4 months use!) Summary

I have a lot of makeup products from my purchases as well as Press Releases sent by brands so I seldom stick to one product for more than a few weeks. Repurchasing something is even rarer. To think that I have a stash of this Sulwhasoo cushion speaks volumes!

  • Good coverage
  • Long lasting in cool weather and warm weather. 12 hours wear is real!
  • Have flashback but not so bad. Nobody uses flash these days anyway.
  • No strong scent, thank goodness!
  • Does not crack if you have dry skin
  • Does not turn into an oil field if you have oily skin
  • Can blur marks and pores
  • Very good in covering redness and minor imperfections
  • Worth every peso. Yep, even for me who's super kuripot. 


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