Ever Bilena Contour Duo Review | Most Affordable Contour Powder Besh!

Y'all know that I am on the lookout for the most affordable contour powder for this blog, and I'm glad to share that the EB Contour Duo might be it!

Ever Bilena Contour Duo Review

So what makes the EB Contour Duo different? Well, first of all, the price. This baby retails for just P165 in most stores. Although prices may vary, I doubt you will find a retailer that sells this for more than P200. 

But that alone does not make the EB Contour Duo the most affordable contour powder there is (at least not in the Philippines!); it is the fact that each compact contains 2 powders and 8 grams of product. Gram per gram, this is the most affordable contour powder that works for me - even when compared to Wet N Wild, another drugstore love of mine when it comes to contouring powders.

the two shades of the EB Contour Duo, I only have the darker shade (photo grabbed from EB's FB account)
If you're still reading, then you already know by now that this would be a positive review. Truth be told, when I was sent the PR parcel by the EB team, I was a bit sad because they gave me the shade Deep. I thought this contouring powder won't work on me!

Despite of thinking that way, I figured to give the product a try (I don't feature products that will not benefit the majority of my audience) because I know a lot of the Pinay Beauty And Style Youtube channel subscribers love it when I do reviews of EB products. I am so glad I did because after testing out the shade Deep, I think it was a good call on their part to send me this because it works just fine on my super pale NC 15 skin tone. YASSSSSS!

I was surprised to see that the list of ingredients contains no paraben. Can we get a 'yay!' for #parabenfree?

Another thing to note is that a few of the ingredients are moisturizing like the Aloe and Squalane. And see that in the photo? Product is good for 3 years! Cool!

This is what you get in the EB Contour Duo. There is no mirror and no brush included. Glad they did that coz almost no one uses those anyway. This also saves production cost...probably why they were able to keep prices low. Just P165 for 8 grams!!!

Really appreciate that the contour shade is not too warm and
the light shade is lighter than it looks on the pan but not stark white
The powders are a bit on the dry side and 'hard-ish'. I find this a bit weird because of the moisturizing ingredients. However, despite having that texture, the contour powder is easy to apply and blend. I am also happy about the fact that although the pigment was there, it isn't too intense so even beginners can use this without having too hard of a time.

This is why I am so worried. The shades looked like they won't work on my skin but they are actually a bit lighter and not as warm when swatched. 

Wet N Wild Contouring Palette VS Ever Bilena Contour Duo

I've included a photo comparison with another contouring powder, the Wet n Wild Contouring palette in Caramel Toffee because they seem to be a bit similar as some people suggested. Well you can see above that they aren't really that similar depending on lighting though I admit that the swatches are a close match. In the swatch above, the one on the left side is Wet N Wild and Ever Bilena Contour Duo is on the right. 

I'm wearing this contouring powder in the photo below :)

Ever Bilena Contour Duo Review Summary

  • Price - P165 per 8 grams
  • Texture - Powdey powder but not prone to fall out? It's complicated haha! It's like a face powder consistency/texture.
  • Finish - matte
  • Application - very blendable and buildable application
  • Lasting Power - 4-8 hours
  • Overall Rating - 4.5/5

And because I love Ever Bilena Contour Duo, I also posted a review video on Youtube

Watch Ever Bilena Contour Duo Review video HERE

Would you want to see a battle of the most affordable contour powder?

 Now I also want the lighter one! I think that can work as a matte bronzer for me. 

the shade deep of the EB Contour Duo can seem neutral under different lighting.

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