Body Acne Causes, Treatment and Tips (with Back Acne Info too!) PART 1

Back Acne, oh the horror! This skin predicament usually rears its ugly head when the weather is warming up and you'll be showing more of your skin. Don't you wish that you're more equipped to handle back acne?

My back acne and body acne story video in YouTube, with tips, tricks, and backgrounder in TAGALOG

That's what I wished years ago, when I had zero inkling regarding what back acne is, how to prevent, what treatment options are available for me, and what back acne tips actually work. Fast forward to now and I still get mini body acne and back acne breakouts, but not as crazy as I used to get. So, what's my secret?

Well, you gotta read up and really educate yourself about body acne causes and the like to combat back acne. There are no shortcuts around it. Sure, there are 'fast' methods to possibly get rid of it such as tanning (this only hides it), and using makeup, but these measures are only temporary. Remember that you'll have to understand your body and how body acne happens to address your back acne.

What is Bacne or Back Acne?

Bacne is a type of body acne that primarily occurs at the back, from the lower back going up to around the nape area. It can also be found around the chest, neck, and upper arms although it would be technically plain body acne when found in those areas.

Please note that acne can occur anywhere on the body except the soles of the feet and palms of the hand because those two areas do not have sebaceous follicles (the are where acne forms).

There are other conditions that can cause pus-filled domes or red marks on your legs, buttocks, arms, back, and chest so to be sure, it would be best to see a dermatologist to be properly diagnosed whether you truly have body acne or back acne

But why does body acne typically occur in the back and the chest area?

This is because the skin of the chest and back contains more sebum or skin oil, making these areas a good environment for acne-causing bacteria to thrive in.

So again, bacne is simply the occurrence of breakouts or pimples on your back and body. There are many reasons how this happens as discussed below.

Body Acne and Back Acne Causes

Pimples and breakouts don't just come pop out of the blue or for no reason. There will always be a causative agent or factor that brings on a breakout. So what are these factors or agents for body acne? 

Genetics - Some people are simply born with a type of skin that's more prone to breakouts because of the genes they carry. Some people have a genetic predisposition to hormonal imbalances, therefore they are more prone to associated issues, like acne.

Lifestyle - It goes without saying that a lifestyle of excesses can lead to problems. If you've got some bad vices, do not get enough rest and sleep, or exposed to a lot of pollutants, these things can also cause breakouts.

Stress - As mentioned above, any form of stress can trigger breakouts. If you're stressed, your skin can produce too much oil that makes your skin a magnet for dirt and bacteria, causing acne. If your skin is too dry because of any factor, it can easily get irritated which can also lead to acne.

Diet - Although eating peanuts and chocolate don't cause acne, eating foods high in salt and sugar can (like salted peanuts and milk chocolate). Bad eating habits that are lacking in skin-loving vitamins and minerals can also cause breakouts.

Bacteria - Our skin has millions or billions of bacteria on it and that is perfectly normal. However, bad bacteria can multiply and cause breakouts if you have excessive oil or if there is an imbalance in your skin. When that happens, breakouts can come in full force causing body acne.

Environment - A very dry climate or a very humid one can both cause skin breakouts. The humid one is more favorable for bacterial growth while the dry one can cause skin irritation which can trigger itching that can make you scratch at your skin thereby introducing more bacteria. When bad bacteria get into sebaceous glands, they can cause body acne.

*The list above is not an exhaustive list of back acne causes or causes of body acne.

Body Acne Treatment | Back Acne Treatment

This part wold be a long one so better give this part it's own blog post :)


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