I Want to Become Sample Room's next Beauty Insider

If you've been a subscriber at the PinayBeautyAndStyle YouTube channel for a while, then you probably already know how much I love SampleroomPh! I discovered them via BeautybyTellie's blog late last year and from the first free sample I got, I was hooked!

Photo shows my biggest beauty and Filipina skincare finds from SampleRoomPh. Yep! They have organic skincare and luxe products for sampling too!
Before I go on and talk about why I want to become Sample Room's next Beauty Insider, I'll let you in first on the reasons why I got hooked on their website and the revolutionary sampling service they offer below!

Offers Tons of Products to Try

First off, they carry a lot of local brands, foreign brands, organic/natural brands, and even luxe brands! Would you believe that they give out full-size samples of new releases from Shiseido? I've tested more than 20 different brands since I joined last year and discovered my current ultimate favorite products (from Zenutrients, Belo, Olay, Whisper, BurtsBees, Nivea, and Shiseido) through the site.

If you're a follower on my youtube channel and IG, then you've seen me hoard some products that I first got to try via a sample through their website. Guiltless testing ---> smart hoarding :)

Helps You Become a MORE Intelligent Consumer

Secondly, with the thousands of cosmetics, body care, and skin care products available in the market today, it is so easy to get swayed by fads and hypes...only to find out that a certain product does not live up to the hype and you end up wasting your hard earned cash for something that does not agree with your specific skin type or beauty needs.

SampleroomPh allows members to avail of FREE samples of new products so they can try them out before committing to buying the products themselves. If you'll watch my video below, you'll see how well this worked for me. I discovered a lot of great finds that are now mainstays in my beauty and skincare routine. All they ask in return is for you to write a very short review on their website to help out other consumers make better purchase decisions.

Tip: If you cannot avail of a product anymore or if it is out of stock for sampling, you can still access hundreds of reviews from real consumers and users who have tested the products themselves so go ahead and  feel free to READ  there! You will get HONEST, straight-to-the-point opinions from other beauty enthusiasts like yourself. SWEET!

Offers You Convenience + Saves You Money

SampleRoom.Ph is purely online-based only. You simply sign-up at their website and then use the free points that they will give you to avail of samples. Although you will have to pay for the shipping fee, you will still save money because the shipping fee is only a fraction of the cost of the products you'll get to try. Their payment options can also be accessed either just online or mobile (this is a major advantage for me) and via bank deposit. Even their tracking is online via XEND and any sample(s) you order will be delivered straight to your door. Love it!

Note: You can also avail of the Sample Room VIP Membership for a fee if you are interested to try other products that require more points. You can read about that at my Sampleroom VIP blog post.

Aside from the 3 reasons above, I love the #TryBeforeYouBuy concept. Yep guys, if you know me and how obsessed I am with in-depth reviews and oftentimes full-day reviews, then you know how meticulous I am when it comes to reviewing and recommending products.

Here is a photo of some of my body and skincare finds!

By the way, I wrote another blog on my favorite SampleroomPh product finds. It comes with a video review of the Sampleroom service, their new VIP Membership, plus reviews for all the products I love!

You can also read up my thoughts on products I tried at my @pinkgingersnaps and @pinaybeautyandstylelover Instagram pages where I post mini reviews :)

Watch My SampleRoom Beauty Finds Video Below!

I want to become a Sample Room Beauty Insider because:

  • Being a SampleRoomPh Beauty Insider means I will get to have access to some products ahead of time (or at least be one of the first ones to have that privilege). This is important for me because I want to write and film video reviews of products as soon as they are available. This way, my blog readers and channel viewers will still have a chance to grab them before they run out.
  • I am all about #SmartConsumerism. Real reviews help brands produce better products. It also empowers consumers to make better- informed decisions when it comes to their purchases. This is one of the things I love the most about the Try Before You Buy concept.
  • I love SampleRoomPh! I guess this sums up all my reasons!

SampleRoomPh Beauty Insider Search

If you're a blogger or a fellow beauty enthusiast who loves sharing your body care, skincare, and makeup finds, you can be a Sample Room Beauty Insider too! I really hope to be chosen! However, it would be much more fun if one of my readers/fellow bloggers would get chosen as well! YEY!

Good luck to us and cheers to making smarter beauty choices!

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