Ever Bilena Eyeshadow Palette in Pink Swatches and First Impressions Review + VIDEO!

I've been absent from blogging lately because of crazy work schedule and I know I owe you guys A LOT of reviews! I'm starting off this review spree with a first impressions review and swatches of the Ever Bilena eyeshadow palette in pink!

I've been seeing this palette all over Instagram but I held off from purchasing one for a while because I already have a lot of neutral eyeshadow palettes. That is... until the day when one of my students asked me if I am wearing this palette. I was wearing my Lorac Unzipped Gold at that time and my student remarking that she noticed my makeup did not budge for a whole day of lecture and thinking that I am wearing this Ever Bilena palette piqued my interest. I was like, "okay Andie, time for you to check this out!". At Watson's that day, I was surprised to find out that the palette is only 150 pesos. I was thinking that it would be around 300-500ish ***inner scream YEY!*** so, happy with my find, I paid for the palette without swatching and got back to my hotel

***I'm a nurse review lecturer by the way, so I am often on the road.

I actually forgot about the palette until I got back home and noticed it when I was unpacking. Lo and behold! It is prettiness galore!

First time swatching it the morning I got home. Can you hear the halleluiah in the background?
O.M.G! My heart and my eyes lit up. SOOOOOO shining, shimmering, splendid!

Okay, before we get too excited here, here is how the palette looks like right out of the box.

High five to Ever Bilena for the sleek travel-friendly packaging! 
The palette has a strip of mirror on the cover (behind the word PINK) and comes with a dual-ended sponge tip applicator. 

To be honest, I wish it came with either two smaller sponge tip applicators or perhaps a dual-ended brush....like one end being a flat shader brush and one being either a sponge tip or blending brush. But hey, I'm not complaining! The palette is a steal for 150 pesos for 6 colors and 6.8 grams of product but maybe Ever Bilena will consider launching a palette with a brush like that in the future!

I really appreciate that they took the time to write the batch number, manufacturing date, and ingredients at the back of the palette itself. I always lose boxes so this is a nice touch!

Have I mentioned that I got the twin sister as well? Above are one-swipe swatches of the Ever Bilena eyeshadow palettes in Pink and Brown. The first 6 colors from top to bottom are from the Pink palette and the last 6 going down are from the Brown palette. They were swatched on dry skin without primer and using natural light.

I filmed a swatches and review video of the Ever Bilena eyeshadow palette in Pink. watch the video below to know how it performs and all the works!

Watch the VIDEO on my Ever Bilena Eyeshadow Palette in Pink Swatches and First Impressions Review!





  • blends well
  • good pigmentation
  • can be blended to nearly matte although the shades are shimmer shades
  • decent lasting power at about 8-10 hours on my oily eyelids without a primer
  • smooth buttery texture
  • very user-friendly
  • wearable shades that can fit a variety of looks and skin tone
  • WORTH IT! I'll even pay more for this palette!

And because many of you have requested this and some of you may want to see the palette in action, below is a TAGALOG Eyeshadow tutorial video for beginners who happens to have chinita eyes like me!




Would you want me to do a review or perhaps a makeup video of the sister palette? Let me know below or at the PinayBeautyAndStyle Youtube Channel!

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