GRWM Cosmetics Radiance Tint Volume 2 NEW Color Correctors from Their Radiance Tint Collection Peach, Milk, and Honey!

GRWM Cosmetics Radiance Tint Volume 2 is here!!!! So, this post was a full month in the making. I was trying to think of a way to share color correctors in a more relatable way than just posting a press release or infomercial type of feature because I really want to give justice to these products. For the record, the GRWM Cosmetics Radiance Tint Color Correctors are perhaps the best makeup release that I've seen this year (locally) and this is for many reasons. One, it used to be unheard of to have color correctors for local makeup brands; two, ang ganda! And three, well, I have  lot more to say to let's get this started as I share with you my thoughts on the GRWM Cosmetics Color Correctors in Peach, Milk, and Honey.

GRWM Cosmetics NEW Color Correctors from Their Radiance Tint Collection

What are the GRWM Cosmetics Color Correctors in Peach, Milk, and Honey?

These are the new shades from the collection of GRWM Cosmetics Radiance Tints that I reviewed HERE. The first 12 shades released were more of a concealer and foundation hybrid. They're technically liquid cream tints that can be used as concealers and foundations but these 3 new shades are unique enough that they can be used for color-correcting, highlighting, and contouring. 

GRWM Cosmetics Official Store link here Click HERE to buy directly from GRWM Cosmetics from Shopee and enjoy their discounts

Prices vary because you can snag the Radiance Tints for as low as $6 or P300 when there is a sale but the published retail price is P349 or $7. This is cheaper than their initial pricing which was P499 I believe.  

The new shades of the GRWM Radiance Tints are:

  • Milk that can be sued for lightening foundation or bases that are too dark. I use this as a matte liquid highlighter usually.
  • Peach corrector which can cancel out bluish and purplish discolorations of teh skin
  • Honey 29C which is a cool brown shade leaning on taupe so it can be used as a contour shade as well as for shade adjustment of base products that are too red or too orange. 

By the way, GRWM Cosmetics is cruelty-free. They also make sure to use recyclable packaging which is why the box is matte. The downside is that the text is very difficult to capture in photos but anyway the products are vegan, and paraben free.

This base product is great for dehydrated and dry skin because it contains Vitamin E, Hyaluronic acid, and ceramides. They glide on the skin and easily blends even on top of light powder. Wow, right? 

You get 8 ml per tube and each tube comes with an applicator so you can dispense just what you need and also use the applicator for precise product placement before blending. 

In the photo above, you can see each one swatched. Notice how thin and fluid each one is but, at the same time, the color opacity is great. It means that there is a good ratio of pigments and emollients. 

I blended the swatched products at the photo above, This was after 15 minutes of swatching and notice how well-blended the pigments are. 

Speaking of blending, you can mix these shades to create your custom foundation or concealer shade. Told you it is really sulit. 

I wish more brands will use this type of doe-foot applicator. Yes, it is common but it gets the job done. No need for fancy applicators that do nothing. 

I have a demo video on Instagram showing how I use the GRWM Cosmetics NEW Color Correctors from Their Radiance Tint Collection for color-correcting, highlighting, and contouring. You can view the video BELOW. 

Demoing how to maximize the use of the new GRWM Cosmetics Radiance Tint Color Correctors! 
You can use them as color adjustors for your existing foundation and concealer or also use them for highlighting and contouring for a #nomakeupmakeup look. What I like:
✓ saturated with pigment
✓ glides easily
✓ universal adjustor shades because neutral
✓ lasts 4-8 hours
✓ paraben free and cruelty free
✓ has skin loving ceramides, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid (kaya madali mablend)
✓ no fuss doe foot applicator
✓ affordable at only P349 per 8ml

The brand is also currently developing more brontour and contour shades. I spotted this in Mae Layug's tiktok. The new shades are the first one and fifth one from the top. I'm excited!

The final verdict?

These new GRWM Cosmetics Radiance Tint (buy from Shopee) gets a 4.75/5 from me. I wish they have more shades such as green, yellow, and purple color corrector but I commend them for coming up with peach first because it is more universal. As usual, my only gripe is the packaging because I would prefer a squeeze tube for this personally but if we are judging on performance alone, wow this is a 5/5 for me too! I kinda love this more than the GRWM Cosmetics Multi-Use Creamy Tint and the GRWM Cosmetics Aqua Tints

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