Pantene with Bigger and Better 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner

Does size really matter? It does, with the Bigger and Better Pantene 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner!

Now, the following article is a press release. I've just added a bit of commentary and my own photos as an avid user of Pantene products throughout the years :)

Pantene rises up to the challenge with their bigger and better 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner

It’s a question that has long intrigued the minds of many. And in many everyday situations, size certainly does matter. By going big, there’s more to be enjoyed, loads more to treat yourself to, and, simply put: You get more out of the things you buy and get your money’s worth.

Personally, I feel that using sachets costs more in the long run. It does cost more per ml if you're using sachets of your favorite products and in my case, I often use 2 or more sachets as I have very thick and very long hair. I'm always on the lookout for sulit finds. 

If you are interested to buy some Pantene products, I highly recommend purchasing via their official Shopee store HERE Pantene Shopee Store. 

When it comes to bigger and better, Pantene changes the game with their 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner. Compared to the previous 9mL sachet, the sachet comes in bigger at 13mL but keeps the same salon-inspired ingredients and maintains the affordable price of P6* giving everyone who uses it Salontastic and lagkit-free hair.

This is a big improvement, at least for consumers like me. Instead of using 3 sachets for my hair, I only need 2 so yay!

Bigger and better treatment that comes in not one, not two, but three forms

Different hair types come with different hair care needs and routines. With Pantene’s 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner, those looking to give their hair some much-needed TLC have got all the choices they will ever need. And beyond being the clear bigger and better choice, Pantene brings a 3-Minute Miracle in three different ways:

I've always liked variety as I believe we need to change up hair products as well as skincare products from time to time because our specific needs do not remain the same all week. 

There is no denying that our hair is often affected by the climate we live in – if yours gets frizzy the more humid the day gets, Pantene has the answer for you with its Keratin Smooth 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner. Filled with Pro-Vitamin B5 and keratin strengtheners that provide your hair with essential nutrients, you can be well on your way to swapping frizziness for smooth, lagkit-free, and fragrant hair that lasts all day.

This is the variant that I liked the most during long and humid summer days as it made my hair smoother and easier to manage. 

Hair is also a crucial form of self-expression, with many using various styles to change its appearance – but while fun and freeing, this can also lead to dry hair in the long run. To keep you and your hair free from further damage, Pantene also offers its Collagen Repair 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner, equipped with Pro-Vitamin B5 formula and collagen that helps protect your hair follicles and strengthens your hair in the process.

This variant helped with taming my hair after I caught the summer hair makeover bug. After 2 rounds of hair lightening, my hair needed all the repair help it can get!

Lastly, those whose hair tends to experience breakage can opt for Pantene’s Biotin Strength 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner. Similar to the previous variations, Biotin Strength also comes with Pro-Vitamin B5 formula while accompanied by Biotin or Vitamin B7, giving your hair the ample nutrients it needs to toughen it up. Besides long-lasting hair strength, it is also able to restore hair shine, perfect in giving you the confidence to go about your day.

I'm still trying this variant so I will update this post or perhaps post a review after I've taken this conditioner for a test period of a week or more. I am looking forward to the benefits I can enjoy from Biotin!

Achieve your dream hair with extra flair today with Pantene, with each sachet priced at only P6*. No compromising and no sacrificing of quality – just smooth and Salontastic hair, with no strings attached.  Available in Keratin Smooth, Collagen Repair, and Biotin Strength, Pantene is clearly your best bet for all your hair needs – the bigger and better choice.

Honestly, I can't believe how affordable Pantene is considering the rising costs of almost everything these days plus the fact that each sachet contains 50% more product now. SULIT!

Be at your Salontastic best with Pantene 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner, available in all leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide, as well as online through Shopee and Lazada. Make sure to also follow Pantene Philippines on Facebook for updates.

If you are interested to buy some Pantene products, I highly recommend purchasing via their official Shopee store HERE Pantene Shopee Store. 

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