Caronia Beauty and Bronze Selection 2021 - Neutral Nude Nails for Summer

Caronia Beauty and Bronze Selection 2021 is a beauty to behold. I'm mostly a neutrals sort of gal for my nails and this got me so happy because everything is perfectly wearable! Take a look at the shades below and decide for yourself!

Caronia Beauty and Bronze Selection 2021

Caronia Beauty and Bronze Selection 2021 - Neutral Nude Nails for Summer

What is the Caronia Beauty and Bronze Selection?

The Caronia Beauty and Bronze Selection is a collection of 6 shimmery and matte shades from the Caronia repertoire of colors. I don't think there is a new shade in this collection because I know for a fact that I bought 4 of them years ago. All the included shades are browns, nudes, and neutrals. 

I was so happy when I got this blogger mail because I seldom receive packages that contain things that I will definitely all use. This is a rarity!

I decided to paint my nails different colors. That's something that I truly enjoy doing, I typically use several colors of nail polish so each nail will be a different color. This is a good idea if you want your nails to match all your outfits for an entire week. The problem is making sure that all the colors go well together. I don't have that issue with this collection because everything is a perfect match!

Another good thing in this collection is that although all are browns, nudes, and neutrals, they are different undertones. The key to a perfect neutral or nude nail is not just the color but also the undertone. With this collection, you can try 6 shades and see what suits you best. Since this is from Caronia, each polish is less than 50 pesos or less than $1. SULIT!

Caronia Beauty and Bronze Selection 2021 - Neutral Nude Nails for Summer

Another idea is to paint them with a matte topcoat to create nails that look like pebbles. I will do that next time. 

Below are my favorites in the collection. Not a fan of shimmers so this is expected :)

Touch of Tan
Tahiti Brown
Touch of Beige

Caronia nail polishes typically last me a few days to a full week. Do you know that you can use a gel top coat and make them last almost 2 weeks?

What is your favorite in this collection? These are available everywhere Caronia products are sold so you will definitely find them in Shopee, Lazada, Watsons, Grocery stores, and more.

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