Imagic Philippines Is Now at BeautyMNL! #imagicph #imagicatbeautymnl

I've been using Imagic products for around half a decade now because I find that their face paint or flash palettes are a great dupe for much more expensive products from Western brands. For those who do not know, Imagic is a Hong Kong based professional makeup brand and is popular for makeup artists. I remember I had to order their products overseas years ago and had to wait more than a month before I can claim my parcel at the post office because I am based in the Philippines. Now, they are officially available in the Philippines via BeautyMNL so gone are the days when they were so difficult to buy, yey!

Imagic Philippines Is Now at BeautyMNL!

Imagic Philippines Is Now at BeautyMNL!

Imagic aims to provide an economical and functional alternative to mainstream brands. That is why their products cover an assortment of basics that can be used by enthusiasts and professionals alike. Aside from their face paint or flash palette, they now have color correctors, contour kits, lipsticks, blushes, eyeshadow, foundation, pencils, and more. I really want to try their blushes and eyeshadow next but first, I will talk about what they recently sent me. 

Imagic Packaging

I am not sure if I remember correctly but it seems like Imagic changed their packaging to look sleeker and more professional. Zero complaints from me!

They captured how it is to make packaging look special but not too wasteful unlike other products in the market. Perhaps packaging for those available abroad are a bit different? Majority of those I've tried were purchased from overseas. I am just so glad that Imagic is now available in the Philippines and via a vendor that makes sure that everything they sell is authentic.

What Can You Buy at Imagic BeautyMNL?

Imagic Flash Palette No 1 and No 4

I only have the imagic flash palette for the face but not for the lips. I remember featuring this years ago in one of my YouTube videos wherein I compared this with the MUFE flash palette. This is a great dupe at less than 20% of the price but aside from being a dupe, this product deserves to be known for itself. If you're a makeup artist, you definitely need this in your arsenal more so if you're still studying color theory. 

The imagic flash palette is a versatile multi-purpose face and body palette that offers opaque colors that can help you customize any cream color cosmetic application. I've personally used this to create a foundation match (see photo) but honestly, you can use the imagic flash palette to create your own blush, contour, color corrector, lipstick, eyeliner, highlighter, concealer, and more. The colors are matte and opaque with rich pigmentation. Two shades are metallic shimmers, in gold and silver. 

Imagic High Definition Primer

I haven't used the imagic high definition primer yet but I will update this blog post when I do (or just follow me on Instagram @pinaybeautyandstyle and @yeyandie in case I forget to share here). According to the product information, this face primer blurs out skin imperfections by filling visible pores, minimizing wrinkles and lines, and mattifying the skin to create a seamless finish that looks great even under harsh lighting or weather. Now, these are strong claims but then, imagic was created as an affordable makeup artist line so I think their claims have merit based on the other products I've tried in the past. 

Imagic Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

This might be one of the best affordable gel waterproof eyeliners that I've tried. The only downside is it's in pencil form because I prefer gels in jars. The color is intense and has a smooth texture so application is easy. Love that it dries matte and smooth and the pigment is intense enough so the eyeliner is vibrant whether applied boldly or as light, feathery strokes. 

If you're looking for a matte lip liner, then imagic could be the brand for you. It dries truly matte and lasts even after eating.I think that's why they called it Khol lip liner. The product is firm yet soft enough for application. It fills in lines and can be blended together. I prefer wearing this solo but can be worn under lipstick to keep the lipstick from feathering. 

Imagic Swatches

Swatches from the top are the lip khols, their liquid lipstick, their illuminator, and last but not the least, their eyeshadow cream. Everything lasted more than 6 hours on the back of my hand with almost no smudging. Impressive considering I was working and doing household chores with the swatches on. 

Imagic Illuminator Powder

I just want to give a short review of this magic illuminator. The shade is too dark for me to wear on my face but I think this would be great for most filipina skintone or those with tanned skin. I am thinking of wearing this as a body illuminator when I get some tan because on light skin it is not flattering. The formula is so smooth, though and lasts 4 hours and up on skin. 

Personally, I want to try their eyeliner palettes, highlighter palette, and blushes next but pretty sure that their whole line is worth every penny based on reviews I've seen and personal experience with some of their products. 

Imagic Philippines Is Now at BeautyMNL!

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