REVIEW EB Collection Blush Palette from Ever Bilena Price + Swatches

EB Collection Blush Palette is something that I wanted to review when it first came out, but the palette was so difficult to find that I simply forgot about it until I saw it again months later while I was browsing Lazada. So just a quick note that I haven't seen this in any physical stores but is available online. Let's move on to the review!

EB Collection Blush Palette from Ever Bilena Review and Swatches

EB Collection Blush Palette from Ever Bilena Review and Swatches

EB Collection Blush Palette from Ever Bilena, what is it?

This blush palette from Ever Bilena is a collection of 4 matte blushes in a mix of warm and slightly cool undertone. I thought that this was a part of a larger collection but nope, this is 'the collection' itself. The palette is cruelty-free, paraben-free, and mostly available online via Lazada or Shopee.

Buy EB Advance and Ever Bilena products online from their official Shopee store to avoid fakes and make sure that you get fresh stocks always!


I really do not know how much is the exact price because the prices I've seen online range from P200-P300 pesos with promos and discounts. Pretty sure the regular price is just around P300 which makes each color just around P75 each!


The packaging is plain black and acrylic with no mirror. This may be a negative for some people but I like it this way as it is very compact and doesn't waste extra packaging that is often not necessary. There is no brush included as well. The palette itself comes in a box with a see-through panel. 

There is a total of 12 grams of product so each shade has about 3 grams. Most single blushes sold are between 5-10 grams so the EB Collection Blush Palette is definitely sulit. It costs the same as just 1 color for a lot of brands but you get 4 shades in the palette. 

EB Collection Blush Palette SHADES and SWATCHES

From left to right, there are 4 shades with no names so I will just number them 1-4

1 pale peachy brown pink matte for pale skin
2 matte bright pink for pale and deep skin tone
3 matte terracotta with a hint of pink for pale and deep skin tone
4 bright matte coral for deep skin tone

All the blushes swatch beautifully. Texture is fine powder that isn't too clingy/dense which makes it makeup beginner-friendly. You can mix the shades to create depth or a customized blush for you. 


I really wish that Ever Bilena should have named the blushes. I want to get them all in individual packaging. I like that the shades are matte so they are more natural and can be worn for everyday. Kudos too that the selection of blushes can cater to a variety of skin tones and undertones. 

Personally, I use the blushes on their own but I find that they also work layered on top of cream blush for longer wear time. If you want to add sheen, use highlighter under the blush to create a muted glow. 

I mixed shades 1 and 2 (the lighter pink and the peach shade)

EB Collection Blush Palette from Ever Bilena Review Summary 

  • color saturation 5/5, very good for mattes!
  • longevity 4/5, lasts 3-5 hours
  • ease of use 4/5, straightforward although for the deeper shades, beginners need to be a bit careful
  • packaging 5/5, no frills!
  • reapplication 4/5, does not look patchy so that's great
  • scent 5/5 no strong makeup scent that lingers so that's a yay for me
  • color selection 5/5, very well suited for the Philippine market
  • Value for money 5/5
Overall 4.5/5!

Note that the above assessment is after a month of use. Very happy with this purchase!

Purchase the EB Blush Collection HERE----> Buy EB Advance and Ever Bilena products online via Shopee!

EB Collection Blush Palette from Ever Bilena Review and Swatches

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