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Pavi Belle Beauty and Wellness First Impressions is here! This might be the last product and brand launching post for the blog this year and so I decided to make this a mini review of sorts. Just a heads up, I have a Pavi Elle unboxing and first impressions video below and this blog post is a follow up to that after me and my friend have tested the products for about a week. With this said, I will continually update this post for future observations we might want to add.

Pavi Elle Beauty and Wellness Review First Impressions of the Detox Tea, Glass Skin Peeling Set, and Foam Cleanser

Pavi Elle Beauty and Wellness Review First Impressions of the i-Detox Tea, Glass Skin Peeling Set, and Foam Cleanser

What is Pavi Elle Beauty and Wellness?

Pavi Elle is a proudly pinoy beauty and wellness brand that officially launched in the Philippines on December 21, 2020. The products has been in development for the past months and are are made with FDA standards in mind. To date, there are 3 products, namely:

  • Pavi Elle i-Detox Tea, P699 a set
  • Pavi Elle Hyaluronic Acid Foam Cleanser, P299 per piece
  • Pavi Elle Glass Skin Peeling Set, P350 per set

Business model is an MLM, designed this way to provide jobs and livelihood for people especially during the pandemic. 

Pavi Elle Beauty and Wellness Review First Impressions 

Pavi Elle Beauty and Wellness Review First Impressions of the i-Detox Tea, Glass Skin Peeling Set, and Foam Cleanser

Pavi Elle i-Detox Tea Review

This is marketed as a detox tea, but does it work? Personally I think that detox teas do work provided that users must also eat clean and refrain from bad habits and practices. During the brand launch, they said that this tea was formulated with the help of health and wellness specialists making sure that the ingredients and processes are FDA compliant. 

What the brand says:

Pavi Elle i-Detox tea is a 14-day cleanse that allows the body to naturally heal by purifying the body through elimination of toxins, which enhances metabolism that is an aid for digesting which increase the possibility for weight loss as well as slow down aging making you glow from the inside out.

The ingredients are a mix of dried flowers, herbs, and fruits. You literally see the components whole when you open a tea bag. I liked this because this shows transparency and brand sincerity. Other detox teas in the marked are made with shredded ingredients that you can non longer identify and for me that makes the Pavi Elle i-Detox tea better than similar products in the market. 

A google search of the ingredients show that they indeed have healing and cleansing properties. As a health care professional, I know that a lot of aches and pains plus extra weight we have is due to toxins and resulting inflammation. By naturally eliminating toxins, we can minimize inflammation, promote healing, and lose excess water weight. 

I have been drinking the tea for about a week now and I noticed that I sleep better, feel positive overall, and have a lighter feeling. I have not noticed changes in my elimination habits but keep in mind that I have been mostly eating healthy and clean for the past months. 

I love that the set includes a resistance band and a water bottle. My favorite way to drink the tea is to cold brew it over night.The taste is earthy, citrusy, slightly sweet, and refreshing. I wish I can purchase just the tea alone for refills. The brand says that they are considering this.

Is it worth it? With 14 servings in a set, it isn't bad to spend P50 a day for your health. I think its worth it. 

Pavi Elle Beauty and Wellness Review First Impressions of the i-Detox Tea, Glass Skin Peeling Set, and Foam Cleanser
These are the current skincare offerings at Pavi Elle

Pavi Elle Hyaluronic Acid Foam Cleanser Review

This cleanser smells soooo good! The scent is fresh, clean, mild, and I would further describe it as a mix of melon with a dash of fruity and floral mix. I can't decide which I like more, the formula or the packaging. The cleanser is good in itself but the foamer with the attached silicone brush doubles as a face massager. 

What the brand says:

The Pavi Elle Hyaluronic Acid Foaming Cleanser is a cleansing foam with a creamy texture that cleanses your face deeply but gently. It features cleansing agents that are particularly effective and gentle on skin while the skin of impurities and excess sebum without drying. Hyaluronic acid helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Best results are achieved by using daily.

As you can see from the list of ingredients, the first ones are hyaluronic acid, water, and glycerin - these are all hydrating ingredients. The rest of the ingredients are stabilizers and mild cleansers. They weren't kidding that this is for all skin types, especially for those with dehydrated skin and sensitive skin.

Personally, I have sensitive and acne-prone skin that's prone to oiliness because it is dehydrated. The cleanser suits me well although if you are a makeup wearer, note that this is a mild cleanser and so you will need to double cleanse to ensure that you will be able to clean off all residue. Watch my video at the later part of this post to know more about why I like hyaluronic acid as a skincare ingredient.

The foam is really great as a daily mild cleanser. I love the silicone head of the former because it really gets to the nooks and crannies and is very soft so it doesn't cause skin abrasions. 

Pavi Elle Glass Skin Peeling Set Review - A new kind of rejuvenating set

It has 4 components:
  • White-Goddess Micro Peeling Lilac Swirl Soap
  • Sunrise Moisturizing Gel
  • Pore Refining Tone
  • Sunset Cream

I gave this set to my friend to try and the initial feedback is great so far. I wish I have another set for me tuloy!

What the brand says:

Sunrise Moisturizing Gel reflects UV rays that causes skin damage, it prevents spots and also prevents skin aging.

Sunset Cream has Micro Peeling that lifts off dead skin to accelerate skin brightening effect. It has a gentle exfoliation for smoother and brighter skin that has less stinging effect. It improves collagen and elastin, May treat age spots, hyperpigmentation, dull and uneven skin tone.

What the brand says:

Pavi Elle White-Goddess Micro Peeling Lilac Swirl Soap comes with 7 powerful whitening ingredients. Micro peeling effect that takes away dead skin cells and skin impurities to reveal healthy, younger beautiful skin. Perfect combination to flawless skin complexion. 5 whitening actives exclusive formula slowly peels off rough dead skin to reveal health, younger looking skin.

Pavi Elle Pore Refning toner is the best combination for using with their other products for it’s hydrating, Soothing, brightening and pore refining effect.

Pavi Elle Glass Skin Peeling Set Review (thoughts)

I gave the set to my friend because I cannot use it at present time. She says that after one week of use, she's loving and soap and has started using it for her body as well. No itchiness from the peeling set and the peeling effect is not very visible. I will update this after a month if my friend gives me more updates. 

I am kinda regretting giving to my friend because the reviews on social media are very positive..I should have kept it for myself haha!


You can buy Pavi Elle products from their official resellers and their website, Checkout the details below on how to contact Pavi Elle in Facebook and Instagram. 

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