NUA Organics Launch! Unveil the New You With Cupuacu, A Brazilian Beauty Secret Now in the Philippines

I first heard about cupuacu as a skincare ingredient a couple of years ago while looking up something at a Latina beauty website. It stuck with me because I cannot figure out a way to pronounce it, haha! However, because it was not available in the Philippines at the time, I forgot about it until last weekend's NUA Organics Launch. I was thrilled to hear that not only is cupuacu skincare now available in the Philippines, but it also came from a brand that took time and effort to formulate products that would fit the Philippine market whilst making sure that ingredients are sustainably sourced. NUA Organics' launch featured a body oil and a soap made with cupuacu butter and our very own coconut oil!

NUA Organics Launch! Unveil the ‘New You’ with NUA

NUA Organics Launch! Unveil the New You With Cupuacu, A Brazilian Beauty Secret Now in the Philippines

So, why body oil and soap? 
I personally think that these two are great for a start as Filipinos love taking a shower and other self-care acts. Part of the Filipino beauty standard is having fresh-looking skin. Unfortunately, that is not always easy to achieve. As for myself finding products that work for my sensitive skin is truly not easy. It is not uncommon for ladies and gents to feel overwhelmed by the number of products being launched and advertised to promote clear skin, but of course, not all of them will work without breaking the bank. 

Many of us may have tried countless soaps, lotions, oils, body washes, body scrubs, and more...but more is not always better. We tend to use too many products that result in irritated skin and a huge dent in our budget. Renowned dermatologist Dr. Sarah Barba-Cabodil says that great skincare does not have to mean using too many products or steps to achieve beauty. She adds that by minimizing the number and amount of products that we apply, we would help our skin 'breathe' and thus, regenerate more elastin and collagen - both essential for beautiful skin. 

Resetting the skin is key to effortless and effective natural skincare says Dr. Barba-Cabodil. We need to learn to simplify our routines and break bad skincare habits. This is where NUA Organics comes in. 

What Makes NUA Special?

As mentioned earlier, NUA combines the power of the Philippine coconut oil and Brazilian beauty secret cupuacu. Cupuacu (or ku-pu-a-su) is a South American fruit that is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, fatty acids, amino acids, and minerals. The fruit is sustainably harvested from the Amazon rainforest and is in fact, a popular ingredient in South American cuisine. The cupuacu oil or cupuacu butter used by NUA Organics is sourced from the cupuacu seed and pulp. This Brazilian beauty secret has been in use by natives for hundreds or thousands of years because of its low melting point and ability to melt into the skin. Combined with coconut oil, cupuacu becomes even more potent as a moisturizer by sealing in the skin's natural hydration without any greasy or heavy feel unlike other skincare products. 

NUA Organics Body Oil Cupuacu

How Did NUA Get to the Philippines? 

Martina Salimbangon, together with her mom and dad brought NUA to the Philippines. 22-year-old Martina says that NUA started as a dream when her father, Elton Salimbangon, told her about cupuacu and the father and daughter tandem thought of ways with which Filipinos can benefit from this Brazilian beauty secret. They knew that cupuacu is well-loved in Brazil for its skincare benefits and wanted to share its benefits in the Philippines. This is not the family's first venture into introducing South American wonder ingredients in the Philippine market. Elton and Cathy Salimbangon, Martina's parents, are the brains behind Organique, the company that produces Organique Acai Freeze-Dried Capsules and Organique Acai Premium Blend (I even featured this drink in several of my videos so I know that their products are great). 

The Salimbangon family worked with experts to develop cupuacu-based skincare products with the focus of creating something healthy that will bring joy to those who will use it. You can tell that they placed a huge focus on quality because instead of launching several products, they only launched two as their initial offering for Organique Skincare Inc's NUA skincare product line. During the online launch via FB live, I learned that there is a possibility that they might release more but they wanted to be sure that they're only releasing products that they can truly get behind of. 

Why Try NUA?

Personally, I loved both the soap and body oil. I wish they'll release a body wash and bath bomb but I also know that bathtubs are not very popular in the Philippines. I love the concept behind the products and thoroughly enjoyed the launch. Martina explains that they named this line NUA because it translates to naked. The product line is free from toxins, unwanted preservatives, and other unnecessary ingredients. Everything is natural and organic, designed to enhance beauty rather than changing it. 

Organique Skincare Chief Cathy Salimbangon shared how to use the products. When bathing, one should lather with the soap, rinse, and then apply a thin layer of the body oil. She says that doing this will help retain moisture longer without clogging up pores or having a greasy feel. I've been using NUA body oil and soap for about a week now and I agree with her. Watch out for my review soon!

If you want to take the NUA New You Challenge, you'll love that NUA soap and body oil are available in BeautyMNL. Click NUA Organics BeautyMNL to buy. NUA is also now available from the following retailers—all S&R branches nationwide, and Southstar Drug branches nationwide. For more information on NUA products, visit

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