Ever Bilena All Day Liquid Foundation Review, Swatches, Wear Test, Price

Ever Bilena All Day Liquid Foundation Review was the most requested review I got for 2018 but unfortunately it was so difficult to find the product in stores hence I am only reviewing now (I searched multiple stores for weeks!). I hate to disappoint but this product is still not available in a lot of stores and is often sold out because this is hyped as a full coverage foundation. I bought mine at the hidden Watsons in SM North Edsa and the sales associate there told me that the tube I am holding is the last tube of porcelain (my shade). You may have better luck buying online if you can guess your shade. Hopefully Ever Bilena will be better at product stocking and distribution so just order yours online. So, is this really full coverage and does this really stay all day?

 Ever Bilena All Day Liquid Foundation Review, Swatches, Wear Test, Price

can't believe this is only P195

Right off the bat I'm gonna lay it out there that the Ever Bilena All Day Liquid Foundation is not full coverage at one swipe. However, the formula is buildable and layers beautifully so you can achieve full coverage if you know how to work the product. Let's get on with the review!

What is the Ever Bilena All Day Liquid Foundation?

The Ever Bilena All Day Liquid Foundation is the newest formula of liquid foundation from the brand. Most of their liquid face products are under the guise of BB creams (from Careline and EB Advance) and their older liquid foundation, the version in glass bottles that has been around for ages. With this said, this new foundation is definitely a new and better formulation. 

This is a gel-cream foundation with good pigment saturation and enough slick to make this easy to apply even without a primer. You can see me use this in my Ever Bilena All Day Liquid Foundation review video on Youtube!

Each tube retails for P195 pesos and contains 35 ml of product.

There are 4 shades:

  • Porcelain - a pale yellow undertone foundie (light enough for NC15 yay!)
  • Silk - a neutral light beige 
  • Oriental - a yellow undertone pale-medium shade
  • Sandstone - a medium olive shade

My shade is porcelain. 

Note that this oxidizes a shade darker and the 2nd ingredient is titanium dioxide so hello flashback!

Comes with a pump but unfortunately not working.

The pump is not dispensing because there is no tube to siphon out the foundie from the packaging. This is a liquid product so of course this won't magically climb up the tube. Thankfully the cap and pump can be taken off.

I really like the mild fresh scent (not the typical makeup scent) and the pigment is super fine. This reminds me of the Sansan BB Cream and the BH Cosmetics Liquid Foundation A LOT. Another close one is the ELF liquid foundation in square-ish bottle.

2 layers will give you full coverage.

about 1 hour after application and set with a dusting of powder (with contour and blush added plus eye and lip makeup)

Product applies beautifully as you can see from this video.


Photo above is after 5 hours without retouch. I won't say this is an all-day foundie considering this was tested during cold weather so I imagine this won't last as long in summer. However, this is definitely better than the older foundation from Ever Bilena and you can make this last kinda all-day by retouching with powder after blotting carefully. 

I tested this the other day against Maybelline Superstay and this held up in the first 4-5 hours but definitely needed retouching for oil after so this is a little less long lasting than Maybelline (I got a lot of inquiries about this particular detail).

Ever Bilena All Day Liquid Foundation Review Summary

  • Consistency: Like a typical foundation, not too runny and not too thick.
  • Texture: Not slick at all, feels very light and smooth.
  • Spreadability: Super easy to apply unto the skin even without primer. Fingers and makeup sponge gave the best application and finish.
  • Blendability: Like a dream!
  • Scent: Nearly no scent at all after a while. It smells good and pleasant. Sorta fresh.
  • Look: Looks like you have makeup on but must be the titanium dioxide because it is the 2nd ingredient.
  • How it feels: Feels like you're not wearing anything at all. No heavy or mask like feel
  • Sensitive skin: No breakouts yay!
  • White cast?: yep
  • Coverage: Medium to full. Definitely buildable and can even out skin really well even with just light application. 
  • Lasting power: 4-5 hours, slight cakiness when retouching with powder even after using oil control film
  • Oily-skin approved?: YES!!! But I think those with dry skin will love this more because of the hydrating property. Can also hide small patches of dry skin. 
Overall rating 4/5. 

Good for daily use but not for special events or for going on stage (coz flashback). Still, not bad for P195! With all things considered, you're getting a bargain with the Ever Bilena All Day Liquid Foundation!

Buy EB Advance and Ever Bilena products online HERE from their official Shopee store to make sure that you get fresh stocks always!

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