Soothies Foot Care Line Review - Giving my Feet a Makeover! (with before and after)

I wasn't blessed with pretty feet. My grandpa used to tease me that I have "paang luya" or "paang magsasaka" hahaha! And so I for the longest time, I haven't taken much care of my feet and will often wear closed shoes. I don't even frequent spas and also opt to do my own pedicure at home because I'm embarrassed by how my feet looks. It doesn't help that I'm not very lady-like so you can say that my feet have really been used and abused...more so that I give lectures standing up 8-10 hours a day! 

I tried the Soothies Foot Care Line because my feet really needed tender loving care. I figured I better give it a makeover first before I walk around wearing strappy shoes or book an appointment at the foot spa. Also, honestly speaking, I don't have time to go to salons and spas so why not try to pamper my feet at home, right? Bonus points that the entire Soothies Foot Care Line is available at Watsons and everything is reasonably priced! Yay!

Soothies Foot Care Review

The entire Soothies Foot Care Line retails for a little less than P700 pesos. That's not bad considering that an appointment at a foot spa can cost just as much. By going the DIY foot care route, you can pamper your feet anytime and anywhere!

Below are all the products in no particular order plus what I liked about each one.

Soothies Foot Scrub
Php149.00 for 200g

Soothies Foot Scrub is a mild exfoliator designed to target rough and dry areas of the skin. The honey extract and shea butter in it softens dry and rough areas and the peppermint oil freshens tired feet. Because honey is a humectant and shea butter is a great skin moisturizer, this foot scrub will not only cool your feet but hydrate it too while making it smoother.

I really like how the beads in the Soothies Foot Scrub are gentle enough to not leave marks on my skin but is effective enough to help get rid of my layers upon layers of dead skin plus calluses. I like leaving this on before I take a shower and then scrub after the shower to give the product more time to work it's magic. 

Soothies Foot Moisturizing Cream 
Php99.00 for 50ml

Soothies Foot Moisturizing Cream really moisturizes without the icky feel! I hate it when foot moisturizers make my feet sweaty and slippery but this one doesn't do that. I can even apply this  in the middle of the day to make my feet feel more refreshed. The secret is the rosemary extract and peppermint oil which are both great for relieving fatigue. The formula also has cocoa butter and shea butter - 2 ingredients that I've mentioned in previous blogs as my fave 'natural lotions'!

Soothies Foot Balm
Php149.00 for 40g

Soothies Foot Balm is my favorite in the entire line. I love this so much that I even use this as a 'beauty pack' for the entire feet! Although designed as a product for cracked heel, I used this all over because my feet is really dry and I figured the natural healing properties of lavender oil, tsubaki oil, and rosemary oil will help a lot. I wasn't wrong!

Soothies Foot Balm smoothed out the dry rough skin beside my toe nails and made my feet touchably-soft. I know my feet still looks ugly at the pic shared below (before and after) but hey, it feels so soft and smooth now! Try this after exfoliation as an overnight foot pack and you won't regret it I swear!

Soothies Foot Powder
Php139.00 for 150g

Soothies Foot Powder promises to eliminate foot odor as well as keep your feet cool. One of my fave skincare ingredients tea tree oil is in this but I haven't really had enough chance to test this out like going hiking or perhaps the gym. I did try this on my feet just for kicks and it felt nice, not gritty like some other foot powders are. I'll update this post after my weekend cross fit class and we'll see :)

Soothies Cooling Spray
Php129.00 for 50ml

Soothies Foot Spray is one product that I wish is sold by the gallon. I love this foot spray as in! Try this after a long day's work and it just feels wow! It is like giving your feet a cool shower without the risk of "pasma" (what is pasma in english, btw?). Key ingredients are stress-busting rosemary and lavender extracts plus healing jojoba oil. I have this in my purse and use multiple times a day. 

Below is a summary review video too :) (click play to watch video)

Looking at the before and after (me using Soothies Foot Scrub and Soothies Foot Balm every night and the rest as needed for 3 days), I think my feet are looking a lot nicer. My photo isn't much to look at but we're keeping it real here. Even though my feet still looks like a piece of ginger (hahaha!), you can clearly see that it doesn't look as blotchy and dry anymore. Maybe my feet will look better if I let my nails grow. As for now, I'm really happy that I gave Soothies Foot Care Line a try. Konti na lang I can wear sexy shoes na!

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