GirlStuff Nail Polish Bases - Perfect Gift for Your Girlfriends!

This post has long been in the making but I wasn't sure how I can showcase nail polish products that are supposed to go under nail color. I've blogged and vlogged about Girl Stuff Nail Polish a few times in the past by featuring them in several YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram videos but I feel that my review of these particular products will help people if I write about them (after all, Facebook Live and IG stories have limited audience). Below are why Girl Stuff Nail Polish bases will make the perfect small gift for your bffs!

Girl Stuff Nail Polish Bases Review

I've confessed in my videos and older blogs that I have a nail polish obsession that comes and goes. There are periods when I won't touch a nail polish bottle for a month or so and periods when I change my nail polish every day! Needless to say my nails tend to really suffer when I'm in my nail-polish-loco-mode...but that was before I discovered using nail polish bases.

Nail polish bases aren't a new thing but they are fairly new in the Philippine beauty market. I am so glad that GirlStuffPh came up with their versions because their products are not only wallet-friendly but are also safe to use because they are free from harmful ingredients that are present in other brands. I mean, GirlStuffPh nail polish products cost less than half of my old favorite brand (US brand) and are healthier and safer to use. That's why I'm a fan!

I'm using an old photo when they sent me PR samples but I have since repurchased several times for gifting and for my own use

The GirlStuffPh base products are available in 3 variants of 11 ml each retailing at P180 a bottle

Girl Stuff Nail Revive Base Coat

This product is not new from GirlStuffPh. I've featured this in 2017 and I've since gone through several bottles. I always repurchase this because it doubles as a stand-alone nail polish too (so not just a base). A little difficult to take off but if you have rough patches on your nails this will smooth them out and make your nail polish look fab.

Girl Stuff Peel-Off Base Coat

I love wearing glitter polish but they are such a pain to remove, right? That's not a problem anymore with this product because it allows you to simply peel-off your glitter polish after you've had your fun. Just a few things to have to make sure that you apply this generously and wait for this to completely dry before topping off with glitter polish. This doesn't easily peel off with water so you can enjoy your glitter nails for a few days but refrain from dunking your nails in water for long periods of time. 

Girl Stuff Nail Hardener Polish Base Coat

This product dries really hard and makes nails stronger. I usually use this when I want to help my nail grow longer without breaking. One thing that I really liked about this is it looks like regular 
off-w hite nude nail polish when you apply 2 coats so if you're growing your nails, using this product is like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone! You get a nail strengthening product and a nude polish in 1! 

Final Thoughts

I really think that the GirlStuffPh base coats are the perfect small gifts to hoard these holidays. You won't have to think whether a color will suit your friend or not because all of these cater to everyone! Perfect pang secret santa or monito monita diba?

By the way, my top recommended product from this brand aside from my holiday favorite peel-off base coat is the Girl Stuff Fast Dry Top Coat. If you're the type who likes changing nail colors every few days and wanna do it yourself, the Girl Stuff Fast Dry Top Coat is the perfect complement for the bases above!

I used the Girl Stuff Fast Dry Top Coat and their Matte Top Coat in the photo below

Click HERE to read about how I created the nail art above :)
Watch the video to find out all my chika!

You can purchase this collection at the Girl Stuff Ph Website. Visit GirlStuff Nail Polish in Facebook and Follow Girl Stuff Ph in Instagram for updates too! 

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