Ever Bilena Celebrates 35 Years Bringing the Best Color Cosmetics to Filipinas! I Found A LOT of Ever Bilena Secrets!!!

I seldom go to events (because of sched constraints) but when I got an invite to the exclusive Ever Bilena 35 Years Anniversary celebration at SMX MOA, I really made sure to go because I was curious to know secrets they could have to still be in business after 35 years! Man, that's older than all my days here on earth, haha!

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My Ever Bilena Story Ever Bilena Company Information

---if you don't want to read this part, you can skip to the video. Just scroll down below :)---

Now, what is not a secret is the fact that I review and post a lot of Ever Bilena product reviews and news. Some have raised their eyebrows about this and there are actually brands who won't even respond to my queries because they think I work for EB...so I'm going to share a bit of why I like featuring EB so much...and of course talk about the Ever Bilena 35 years celebration later!

Back when I didn't have a beauty blog yet and would message brands on IG when they have new products to find out where the new ones are available or when there is a problem with my online orders from their respective stores, a lot of brands won't even send a reply. As a consumer/customer, that is a pet peeve of mine because I see them sucking up to influencers. 

So anyway, one of my orders from the Ever Bilena's Takatack store had an issue and I told them about this, expecting to be ignored like my experience with other (smaller) brands because sino ba ako, right? I'm a nobody! To my surprise, their official account replied and got me in touch with one of their staff (I can't remember her name and I already erased my old IG!). 

Anyway long story short, that EB staff member made sure my problem was addressed and even sent a follow up. Major brownie points, right? And I didn't forget that.

Fast forward to 2 years ago when I started beauty blogging and beauty vlogging for the #PinayBeautyAndStyleBlog and the #PinayBeautyAndStyle Youtube channel, I noticed that I would get a lot of inquiries and reviews when I post about EB products. This encouraged me to post more about them and more affordable makeup finds from other local brands and again, these were well-received by the Filipino readers and viewers. Back then the 'uso' is just to feature sponsored content or imported brands so was really happy that featuring local brands got a lot of traction. 

The downside to this is that the Beauty Blogging world in PH is very presyo and status conscious so this means getting the cloak of invisibility when it comes to being seen by foreign brands or brands that don't want to be perceived as 'masa'. I also got a lot of flak whenever I would post side by side reviews of highend vs local haha! I don't regret going this route because I want people to know that a good product is a good product, regardless of brand name and price tag. Sorry, this hugot is no longer just about EB :P

So back to the EB story...they didn't mind that I don't have thousands of followers or that I'm not pa-hype which was the 'uso' thing as far as beauty blogging goes for those who were kinds late to get into it. They also didn't mind that not all my reviews of their products are raves...they still contacted me and included me in events and sometimes in their PR (by the way, their PR kits are sent in random so there are times they don't send to certain peeps including me). 

Speaking of PR and events...I am very perceptive  regarding how brand's staffs address people and how they communicate. Remember the first part of my Ever Bilena Story? I believe that you can garner a lot of information by observing company culture and so far EB has been consistent.

I like that they listen to their consumers and that the customer service I get now as a blogger is the same as what I got back when I was just a random anonymous customer. I like how their events start on time and how they always make sure to thank those who turned up. Small things matter A LOT. 

Perhaps that is the secret behind Ever Bilena's success? You simply don't get to being 35 years in any biz if you're sloppy!

I am aware that I am rambling that that there is a huge possibility no one will ever read the paragraphs above but hey, I just feel that this should get out there because I think the details I shared are a huge part of why they are still around now that global cosmetic companies are conducting very aggressive campaigns to dominate the local market by putting local makeup companies out of business.

OMG! This is so much like a nobela na! Without further ado, here is what transpired during the Ever Bilena event.
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Ever Bilena At 35 

Ever Bilena Owner

Photo from Mhilay Torres Viñas

The #EverBilenaAt35 Event was held at SMX MOA's function rooms 1 and 2 and featured a program that shared the company's history with the hundreds of guests who attended. 

I felt out of place because the other media people in there are from traditional media both print and TV...so there were people from TV networks and major publications. Not too bad though because the EB staff were very accommodating and had a way of making each guest feel like they're not left out although there were hundreds (more than 50 round tables, each table can sit 10-12, do the math).

I was ushered in, escorted to registration, escorted to my seat, introduced to other guests. EB higher management also made sure to stop by our table from time to time (from their sub-brands EB Advance, Careline, Blackwater). I really appreciate that. Company culture, folks!

Their trade partners were also there (people from major stores like SM, PureGold, Waltermart, Robinsons), their endorsers, their suppliers who flew in from various countries overseas, family friends, a lot of celebrities, basketball peeps because EB owner also owns a basketball team, Binibining Pilipinas peeps, and a lot more!

I appreciate that they set up a makeup retouching area for those who want to get their photos taken in the photobooths!

Photo by Mhilay Torres Viñas

My favorite part was when they showed a video of Ever Bilena company history. Would you believe that some of their employees from their founding days are still with them? Like wow!

Read this to know more about Ever Bilena Company Story

the above is a link, just click on it!

Photo from Mhilay Torres Viñas
Another notable thing is they chose to donate to some organizations/causes to celebrate their 35th year. That's a nice touch :)

The night ended with lots of celebrations!

Ethyl dela Pena, Denice Sy, Andie Yey, Mariel Pamintuan, Marra Smith, photo by Ethyl :)

And I met a the beautiful ladies above! You'll see more of them in the VLOG which I will post later  this week and embed here :) I will still update this post! I just wanted to post while memories are still fresh :)

Buy EB Advance and Ever Bilena products online HERE from their official Shopeemall store to see their new releases too!

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