Althea Bare Essentials Skincare is Here!!! Korean Skincare Routine Made Easy!

It feels like it was just yesterday when Althea Korea launched the Althea Velvet Powder (review here) and now, they've launched their newest venture, their very own skincare line! The Althea Bare Essentials Skincare Set!

Althea Bare Essentials Skincare Launch

What is the Althea Bare Essentials Skincare Set? Korean Skincare Routine

The Althea Korea Bare Essentials Skincare trio was launched to help simplify Korean Skincare routine for Kbeauty fans who don't have the time to go through the hyped 10 step Korean skincare routine and the like. The Bare Essentials set features just 3 products for a 3-steps skincare that's easy, doable, and will still give the skin everything it needs (I've read this from their press release).

the Althea Korea Bare Essentials Skincare Set features the following products: Korean Skincare Routine

The Contour Cleanser 150g Php 300.00 Korean Skincare Routine

The Bare Essentials Contour Cleanser is meant to promote blood circulation to reduce swelling and bloating for a slimmer and well-defined face. It has ice plant for soothing and lemon myrtle extract for detoxifying. It is also filled with micro capsules that are meant to burst upon contact with skin to exfoliate and detoxify as well as provide gentle cleansing.

The Fixer Cream 50g Php 640.00 Korean Skincare Routine

The Althea Korea Bare Essentials Fixer Cream is meant to be used after the cleanser and primer to lock in hydration and provide extra protection. It is non-oily and absorbs fast thanks to an ingredient derived from the cactus plant called Trehalose. This wonder ingredient provides the skin with 24-hour hydration while preventing moisture loss. Aside from this ingredient, this cream also features antioxidants from green tea and has cell regeneration properties due to it's Baobab Tree extract content.

The Primer Water 200ml Php 550.00 Korean skincare routine

The Althea Bare Essentials Primer Water is special because it is a primer and a hydrating toner in one. It features the patented dewdrop technology also known as Macro Fluidic Dispersion Technology that allows hydration to go to the deep layers of the skin and also fill gaps between pores. Snow Lotus extract makes this Primer water a heavy hitter as a skincare component, smoothening the skin and giving it a healthy glow for the perfect canvass for makeup or just on its own.  

I haven't tried any of the products yet because I need to finish testing what I am currently reviewing but I am very happy with this easier 3-step Korean skincare routine. I can't wait to try!

Why buy the Althea Bare Essentials Skincare Set now?

The entire set is just around P1500, which is quite affordable because it covers all bases. They are also giving a 10% discount if you buy the entire set now plus a limited edition mirror (see photo below). Go to today! 

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More about Althea Korea below!

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This set was sent to me because I always feature them. I already placed an order too :)

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