Conceal Touch Up Powder Review for Receding Hair Line, Bald Spots, and Gray Hair Coverage

I'm not gonna lie, I have a bit of insecurity concerning my uneven and seemingly receding hair line, my stark white scalp showing as bald spots, my sparse eyebrows, and gray hair. 

I've always wanted to change my hairline, somehow cover my semi bald spots, and define my sparse brows - that's why I used the Conceal Touch Up Powder to do all that and sharing with you the results below!
Conceal Touch Up Powder Review
(dark mocha brown)

I have also used the Conceal Brush Tip Instant Gray Hair Solution to cover my gray hair so if bald spots and receding hairline are not your issues, you might want to check out that review instead. 

So, what is the Conceal Touch Up Powder?

Conceal Touch Up Powder is a compact powder product that promises to coat larger areas of gray hair without clumping. The brush it comes with claims to give even application over large areas distributing the powder and blending it into the hair so that gray hair and bald spot coverage is achieved while still keeping everything natural-looking. The product is also washable, free from toxins, contains no ammonia, and doesn't have any hydrogen peroxide that can irritate and damage the scalp. 

I don't think they have any other color available because dark mocha brown is really the only variant I can find. I think the shade is a good match for me.

Price: P289 for 5 grams compact
Where to buy: Watsons and Shopee but you can grab a full-size sample at Sampleroom by clicking here!

I'll let the photos do the talking for this one.

I like how compact the packaging is. I also like the brush it comes with but I think it is a bit too large for the use I have in mind.

I was relieved that the powder is not too light, too dark, or too red especially that this just have one shade. It is 'makapit' too. Don't expect that this will perform like an eyeshadow. The closes I can compare this with is a brow powder because this packs more pigment and doesn't have that buttery texture that eyeshadows have. 

Because I wanted to use this Conceal Touch Up Powder mainly for covering my receding hairline (or what looks like it), I opted to use a smaller brush. The brush I have to spare is a bit rough because it is old and has damaged bristles but worked just fine.

Hmmm, loving the result!

So I tried going all out haha!

Hello, new hairline! Now it looks like I have baby hairs yay!

Worked amazing as a brow powder too (my fave, actually...can last all day!)

Let's see how this Conceal Touch Up Powder can hide my bald spots...


In the photo above, I used this with the Conceal Brush Tip Instant Gray Hair Solution.

Really loving the new hairline effect, though.

Conceal Touch Up Powder Review Summary for Receding HairLine, Bald Spots, and Gray Hair Coverage

What can I say? the product worked well for all 3!

  • Ease of use 4.5/5 because can stain your hands and clothes if you're not careful
  • Bald spots and receding hairline coverage  5/5
  • Gray hair coverage 4/5 I think it is best to use the wand applicators for this
  • Lasting power 5/5 because 7-10 hours
  • overall 5/5

What do you use to cover bald spots, hide receding hairline, or conceal gray hair? Do share below!

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