Best Affordable and Drugstore Makeup 2017 Philippines Face Category #PBASawards2017

I know that this blog for my top finds or best makeup 2017 is a bit late. It's now February! nevertheless, I still want to share or create a post since this blog is my online beauty diary after all, right? Besides, we still got 2 weeks before the year turns in the lunar calendar haha!

Best Affordable Makeup 2017 Philippines Face Category #PBASawards2017

I figured that to best share my best makeup finds for 2017, I have to create a 3-part blog. This one will feature foundations, primers, concealers, and powder. The next part will feature eye and lip makeup. The last part will talk about face palettes, blushes, contour, highlighter, and bronzer, yey!

I'm planning to create videos as well but hey, I can hardly keep up with blogging due to my hectic schedule so it is likely that only the Best Makeup 2017 Philippines Face Category for #PBASawards2017 will have a video (see below), and the rest might just be blog entries.

click on play button to watch video
click on play button to watch video

I would also like to bring it up here that this series will feature my personal picks. 

You see, when I blog, I sometimes give a high rating for a product that wasn't a personal favorite if it worked as it claimed it would (even if I'm not after that particular effect). This is to be fair when reviewing something. I mean, it would not be right to throw a tantrum if a golden highlighter that claims to give a candlelight glow didn't give me my preferred rose gold sheen, right?

Also note that the products I'd be including are only those that are locally available in the Philippines or are found in online makeup stores that are Philippine-based or delivers door to door in the Philippines. That's why most will be tipid beauty :)

But how did I decide which ones are for 2017? I picked those that were released in 2017 or I only got to try in 2017. There will be some overlap as some new makeups or products that were released late 2017 will be in next year's list same as some of the beauty finds in this list are from 2016 or even earlier but were recent discoveries for me.

Whew! Long disclaimer, eh?

With the above said, let's move on to my best makeup finds for 2017!

Best Affordable Makeup 2017 Philippines for Primer is the Elizavecca Skin Liar Primer

Elizavecca Skin Liar Primer Review

My love for the Elizavecca Skin Liar Primer started in mid of 2017 after seeing it being raved by Martha of the Beauty Junkee. Now, I am very picky with primers and I really thought this won't work for me but seeing that this is only P285 in Althea Korea's website and I needed to reach a certain amount to get free shipping, I went ahead and placed an order.

Best decision ever!!!!

The Elizavecca Skin Liar Primer is true to it's name! It will help you with panlililang other people that you have good skin, haha! 

I love the slight skin-evening properties, the pore-hiding effect, and how this controls my oil. Really the best face primer for those looking for a budget option.

But just between us, I prefer this over smashbox photo-ready and benefit's porefessional. That's saying something!

Best Affordable Makeup 2017 Philippines for Concealer are the The Saem Cover Tip Concealer and Bobbie Cosmetics Concealer

The Saem Cover Tip Concealer Review

I've been meaning to post a The Saem Cover Tip Concealer Review for about a year now but each time I am about to do it I feel that I won't be able to really express how much I love this product. It has the right liquidity to be spreadable and work great for under the eye and shaping your brows but also have enough coverage to work for covering marks and tattoos.

Another thing that I love about The Saem Cover Tip Concealer is how well it wears in really warm humid environments such as our summers in the Philippines but is also a top performer for cold or cool weather (this is a Korean brand, after all). 

Bobbie Cosmetics Concealer Review

I'm very late in the game for creating a Bobbie Cosmetics Concealer Review but I still want to throw it out there that this pot concealer is the real deal for concealing marks and spot correcting. Super oily skin friendly too! Will take a lot for this to melt off if just doing normal day to day activities.

Best Affordable Makeup 2017 Philippines for Foundation are from LA Girl Phils, Maybelline Ph, BTLA, and Loreal Ph

LA Girl Pro Coverage HD Long Wear Illuminating Foundation Review

I will update this with a link but for now I love this because this can lighten any foundation as in!

Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free Foundation Stick Review 

the product's name is a review link

BTLA Cream Foundation Review 

the product's name is a review link

Maybelline Fit Me Matte Poreless Foundation Review 

the product's name is a review link

Loreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation Review 

the product's name is a review link

Best Affordable Makeup 2017 Philippines for Powders are from #W Clinic., Maybelline Fit Me, and GT Cosmetics

3W Clinic Professional Powder Review

I've been talking about the 3W Clinic Professional Powder in a lot of my videos and I still haven't gotten around to creating a review because I thought that it isn't available in the Philippines. Turned out you can get this awesome setting powder in Shopee and BeautyMNL.

Moving on, the 3W Clinic Professional Powder have several shades but the ones I have are #21 and #23. 23 is yellow undertone and 21 is very pale with pink undertone. I use 23 for all over the face and 21 for under the eyes, mid of forehead and bridge of the nose. I love how I can use this powder for plain setting my makeup, for jamsu technique, and for touch ups. 

Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Powder Review

Where do I begin for a Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Powder Review? This powder has been reviewed by so many since it was released in 2015 if I am not mistaken; but then, it was only released in the Philippines in 2017. I like how fine the powder is and how shade 100 (translucent) holds true for being translucent. Coverage is lacking but for those who travel a lot and just want a setting powder, a touch up powder, and a face powder in compact form, the Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Powder is the one for you.

GT Cosmetics Superior Cover Pressed Powder Review

If you're looking for great coverage and beautiful oil control in a powder, then Cebu-based Filipino makeup brand GT Cosmetics is the one for you! I have a GT Cosmetics review in this link!

Best Affordable Makeup 2017 Philippines Face Category #PBASawards2017 continues with the ones below which will be in future blog entries!

What are your Best Makeup Finds for 2017 Drugstore, Midrange, and Highend?

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