Belo Baby Talc Free Powder Review! The Belo Family Just Got Bigger!

I drafted this Belo Baby post as a review or introduction blog for the new Belo Baby Talc Free Powder but it ended up more like a brand review! If you don't mind reading about my thoughts on the ENTIRE Belo Baby line, then you better start reading!

Belo Baby Products Review

loving all the Belo Baby products released so far!

I first heard about the Belo Baby brand from my go-to discovery hub of new products - I remember seeing their paraben-free bar soap, body lotion, and hair and body wash and thinking to myself, will they be a great locally available dupe of a pricey foreign brand I use?

It turned out that I actually like them better than the other brand I was using so  I bought the soap and fell inlove so I got the entire line, which at the time were just the bar soap, the hair and body wash, and the lotion, and I thought that was it. After a few months, they also released baby colognes, Since I have ultra sensitive skin and hate strong fragrances, they too became part of beauty arsenal.

I liked the Belo Baby colognes because they don't assault my nostrils with a strong alcohol scent. They don't also have that 'maasim' scent which other baby colognes have after an hour or part would be they are in 100 ml bottles that are big enough to last for a while but still small enough to carry in your purse. 

All of the reasons above were part of why I was really looking forward to the release of the Belo Baby Sanitizer Sprays. I'm a real sucker when it comes to sanitizers but we all know that sweetly scented ones are not cheap. Good thing the Belo Baby Sanitizer Sprays are just at P50 per 50ml bottle.

 What a steal!

There's no shame that I even use the Belo Baby hand sanitizers to clean gadgets and quickly sanitize makeup brushes!

Then this new Belo Baby made an appearance at my social media feed.

Belo Baby Talc-Free Baby Powder

I was like, WHAT? A talc-free baby powder? No way!

I couldn't believe my eyes!

I made it a point to find out what is in it if it has no talc. The ingredients listed are:

Belo Baby Talc-Free Baby Powder ingredients

Rice Starch - usually found in allergen-free makeup.

Maize Starch - corn starch, nothing fancy

Gluconolactone - a food grade additive that may have antibacterial properties. This is used in dermatology in formulating products for those with sensitive and/or aging skin because this is milder than other 'acidic ingredients such as those from the alpha and beta hydroxy acids family. 

Sodium Benzoate - Another food additive that can combat bacteria and fungi growth. With the two primary ingredients of the Belo Baby talc-free powder being rice and corn starch, of course this is needed!

Calcium Gluconate - calcium gluconate is a humectant, it can attract moisture and help in conditioning the skin.

Fragrance - coz babies wanna smell good too!

So nothing harmful as stated on the label!

The pic above says that the Belo Baby talc-free baby powder is made from finely-milled corn and rice starch that are made to keep skin moisture-free, dry, and fresh.

It also says that the formula is phtahlate free, paraben free, dye-free and contains no harmful chemicals or allergens.

The powder comes in a jar with a sifter and a flip lid, very different to other baby powders' packaging. It also comes with a puff.

A jar of Belo Baby talc-free powder is 65 grams and retails for P219. That may initially seem a bit on the expensive side but remember that you're paying for a disposable powder container that is easy to use, the product itself, and the product's quality. I think it is a bargain!

The flip top can be easily opened with just 1 hand and the sifter can be unscrewed if you need to clean it or reuse the container for something else

Texture is like those of Korean face powders made from rice starch.
I have used the Belo Baby powder on myself. Powdered my nape and back before yoga and it kept the 'pawis' at bay. It also made me feel fresh. I think this talc-free baby powder would be great for those who suffer from bungang araw when it is super warm and have sensitive skin.

I give this product a thumbs up!

Everything in this photo including the basket is just a little over P1K. Great baby shower gift idea, right?

the reason why I have the complete Belo Baby line for picture taking is because I am currently preparing a baby shower gift basket for an inaanak.

I'm totally #NinangGoals!

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