NEW MAKEUP! Cathy Doll Nude Me Makeup Launch and Cathy Doll Philippines 1st Year Celebration

I'm usually not someone who's into celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, and the, like but Cathy Doll Philippines is one of those brands that I've been following the progress of and they've recently turned 1!

It's Cathy Doll's First Birthday in The Philippines!

Read about Cathy Doll Philippine's first year anniversary celebration and launch of new products farther down in this post!

I first heard about Cathy Doll from a friend in Thailand. She was raving about some whitening cream from the brand but I wasn't really paying attention because it wasn't like I can go out and buy what she was talking about, right?


That same month (May 17, 2016), Cathy Doll made its debut in the Philippine Beauty Scene!

I remember seeing sachets of some skincare product in ultra cute packaging all over my social media when Cathy Doll launched in Manila; however, since I'm not into products in sachets, I didn't give them much attention at the time.

I also thought that the brand is marketed towards teens and little ladies because I saw some IG posts that their products are mostly available at 711...well, my 711 didn't carry them, so they remained at the back of my beauty-sleuthing mind.

Let's fast forward to the last quarter of 2016 when one of my students gave me their gel eyeliner.

Now, I lovvvvvve gel liners like nobody's business. People who know me knew that I'd always be up for trying a new brand as long as it's a brow product, a gel liner, or something for the lashes so someone giving me an eyeliner isn't out of the norm. 

I admit that I was hesitant at first, thinking that it's a 'pambata' brand so I was expecting something that would function like play makeup...Tell you what, that first day, the Cathy Doll Geisha black gel liner stayed put til the wee hours of the following morning! 

I was hooked!

And so was born my new found love for discovering which of the Cathy Doll makeup products would work for me. 

Cathy Doll Kikay Kit Staples

I tried their CC Compact and it quickly became a kikay kit staple. Next was their Glutathione cream and again, it became a part of the certified citizens of my travel and kikay kit. I've also ventured out to trying some of the product they have in sachets. I'll talk about those in a future post.

I realize that I'm just kind of just rambling now and I apologize. The thing is, for #titasofmanila out there like me, you may want to take a closer look at what looks like 'pambata' makeup and skincare products. You might end up being super surprised!

To Cathy Doll Philippines, congratulations on your first year in the Philippines! 


That was a LOOOONNGGGGG intro! So let's move on to talking about NEW CATHY DOLL MAKEUP and other tsikas! :)

Cathy Doll Celebrates a Year in Manila at Spatzle Shangri-La!

whoever did this deserves a high-five!

It's been a year since Lifestrong Marketing brought Cathy Doll to our shores. Since then, they've released a lot of products and made a lot of pinays happy.

Their products are now available at more stores. I believe you can buy Cathy Doll products online at Zalora and offline at 711s and SM Beauty. 

So, what's new?

Besides the celebration for Cathy Doll's first year in Manila, the #AllDolledUpWithCathyDoll event was for the launch of the latest Cathy Doll makeup products in the Philippines! It was also to share an upcoming Cathy Doll surprise with top Filipina bloggers. 

I'm missing some key details about that news because I was taking photos at the time that was shared. All that I can say now is that it's something to be really excited about if you love makeup!

New Cathy Doll Nude Me Makeup Line!

Stay tuned for my individual reviews and swatches on future blog posts of the entire Cathy Doll Nude Me makeup line!
For the newly released Cathy Doll Nude Me makeup products, there are 9 shades of their 24-hours lip matte, 2 variants of their contour and highlighting cushion, 3 nude me eyeshadow palettes, and 4 shades of brow mascaras.

The following photos are just a sneak peek!

New Cathy Doll  Nude Me eyeshadow palettes...they remind me of Urban Decay's first 3 Naked palettes!

Swatches of the 2 variants of Cathy Doll highlight and shading cushion

24-hours waterproof lip matte swatches from Cathy Doll, shades 9, 7, 4, 3, 2, 1 from L-R

4 shades of Cathy Doll brow mascara

The #CathyDollPhilippines Nude Me makeup launch and brand anniversary celebration were held at Spatzle Shangri-La last Thursday, May 25, 2017. As usual, top Philippine Beauty Bloggers were in attendance, headed by event host Ms. Nikki Tiu of

can you guys find me? haha!

Here I am!
lashes by Lashlab Manila in Alexandria High End Silk

Which new Cathy Doll Nude Me makeup you want me to post a review of first? Of course, it'll come with better photos and video :) Let me know down below!

Check out this fun Instagram video from the Cathy Doll Event!

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