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A few of you gals asked me about my VIP membership and if it is truly worth it. Well, I won't be this vocal about my membership if it wasn't! Remember my Sampleroom VIP review video wherein I was talking about the total product worth I got from the old Sampleroom VIP membership with the 799 pesos fee? I was able to sample 11,525 pesos worth of products for only 799 pesos. Okay, it's 2,000 pesos if we are going to include the moolah I spent on shipping, but hey, that's still a bargain! The good news is, revamped their VIP membership from 799 pesos to only 649 pesos!

***the highlighhted text above is a link to my video review, click it!!! VIP Membership
Photo courtesy of the sampleroom website. I borrowed it without them knowing, baaaaaddddd

The New VIP Membership 

There are a few changes that I have noted with the change. The change actually just happened less than 48 hours ago, just a few days after I purchased my second VIP membership points for the old price of 799 pesos, huhu. 

First, there's no more VIP Gift. Yeah. Ouch, right? But before you bawl your eyes out, well it may have been for the better. I actually wasn't happy with the second VIP gift they sent because it's exactly the same as the first one and without a cute box that their VIP gifts are known girl, you're not really missing out. 

Second, they've axed the 2,000 points VIP Membership. There was a time when members can choose from 1000 points membership (worth 799 pesos) and the 2,000 points membership (worth 1299 pesos). At the time I joined Sampleroom in September or August last year, I actually wanted to purchase the 2,000 points VIP membership but I've waited for months and they didn't have new membership slots for that so I simply got the 1000 points one. You certainly don't need more than that because there are seldom items that are worth 500 points and above in the past 6 months. If there's any, its marked for their in-house or partner bloggers only. I'm not bummed out about that because I already have those items anyway...and girl, you really need just 1000 points because you can use those points again and again for 2 months!

***If anyone of you is interested in how I got to sample 11,525 worth of products over a period of two months for just the 799 pesos old VIP membership fee, then let me know so I can blog about it :)***

So those are the few changes that I've noticed so far...based on what I see on their site. The VIP Membership is pretty much still the same (STILL AMAZE-BALLS in my book!). More details in the photos below: VIP Membership
click on photo to enlarge (courtesy of

Sampleroom VIP Membership
click on photo to enlarge (courtesy of FREE Sign-up Points
They also offer regular membership and all you got to do is sign up so you can receive your free 100 points that you can use to 'purchase' samples. You do have to pay for the shipping fee but really, the points needed to 'purchase' products are very reasonable. For instance, the Belo BB Cream (which sells for 349 pesos in stores) is only 100 points (remember you can get that 100 points free just by signing up!), and then shipping ranges from 100 pesos for Manila to 130 pesos outside of Metro Manila. You're still saving 220 pesos to 250 pesos!

You can reuse the free 100 points again and again by posting a review of the sample sent to you at the website. For each review, you will receive 2 extra points, 1 when you write a review and 1 when your review gets approved. Only the VIP points expire every 2 months. All extra points from reviews are yours as long as the site exists! At the end of my first VIP round, I've got a total od 170 points from my initial 100 (70 from reviewing and 100 from signing up). Sweet!

Watch my Youtube video review of my VIP experience

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed are my own. All posted are just from what I've observed and own experiences. This is not a paid post. I paid for all membership and shipping fee with my own moolah.

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