Belo SunExpert Perfecting Shield Tinted Sunscreen SPF50 and PA++++ Full Day Try On + First Impressions Review

I've been wanting to try this Belo SunExpert Perfecting Shield Tinted Sunscreen SPF50 and PA++++ since I saw this at Watsons and after trying the Belo BB Cream, I knew this one ought to be good as well so I bought one for 449 pesos! That's a great deal  for a 50 ml tube of tinted sunscreen!

belo sunexpert perfecting shield tinted sunscreen

The Belo Intensive Whitening BB Cream The Belo Intensive Whitening BB Cream really worked for me (you should see my video review on that) and I was thinking that this one could be better if not as great.

belo tinted sunscreen vs belo bb cream

I've also received quite a number of requests at my instagram asking me to do a review on this so I can do a comparison between these two new product launches by the Belo group. That may be an idea for another video so please let me know if you'd like to see a blog on that as well.

Moving on, I did try this tinted sunscreen for a few days before writing this blog. The try-on part of the video is from the first day I've tried the product and since then, I've been using this Belo tinted sunscreen for a good 5 days...sometimes layering it with the BB cream and sometimes wearing it under foundation and/or powder (it worked great on all trials, so yey!)

I didn't think I'd this tinted sunscreen this much because my past encounters with other tinted sunscreens and tinted moisturizers didn't went well. I'm also a bit bummed about the packaging saying it is for medium to deep (I'm weird like that)...surely it works on very light skin tone as you'll see later on my video so perhaps Belo Sunexpert should reword that to say 'light to deep' instead of 'medium to deep'. I really get crazy about labels haha!

Well, the Belo SunExpert Perfecting Shield Tinted Sunscreen SPF50 and PA++++ does come in a cute box! I have a thing for boxes and nice packaging so this is a plus for me.

All details are at the box, plus repeated at the back of the tinted sunscreen's tube.

I love that it comes in a squeezable tube with a pointed spout...I'm clumsy so this will surely prevent spills plus is a lot more hygienic.

You can see how liquid the consistency is in here but no biggie for me because it makes the product easier to blend out.

It does look a tad streaky but the streakiness goes away when it is fully dry.

This is how it looks like on a bigger stretch of skin. Blends super easy and flawlessly so yey! I have a full-day try on review of this Belo Tinted Sunscreen worn on my face. You can watch it below :)

For the sake of comparison, my skin is very light (NC13 at my palest and NC20 when I'm tan), very sensitive, prone to sunburns (I transform into a cooked lobster after a few minutes out in the sun), and I also perspire a lot. Watch the video below to see close-ups and the full-day wear test of this Belo tinted sunscreen...but first, let me share with you guys what my findings are for this Belo SunExpert Perfecting Shield Tinted Sunscreen SPF50 and PA+++:
  • Consistency: like a watery lotion (just like the Belo BB Cream!)
  • Texture: like watery lotion, nearly emulsion-like feel
  • Spreadability: surprisingly, this spreads like primer mixed with a tinted moisturizer! So easy and smooth!
  • Blendability: A bit streaky at first (watch video below) but after a while, it gets easily absorbed and looks like you're wearing nothing.
  • Scent: Smells like shampoo for some reason...but I can't name the scent. It goes away with 5-10 minutes after application.
  • Color: says medium to deep. I was able to test it on NC15 and NC25 skin tone and the results are great. It has a neutral to yellow undertone (perfect for Filipinas!)
  • Look: Just like your real skin but a lot better! It does have a streaky look before it dries.Can be worn alone for no makeup-makeup days!
  • How it feels: Feels like you're not wearing anything at all.
  • Sensitive skin: No reaction at all, no zits, no break-outs, no redness! I tested this over a 5-day period too.
  • White cast?: No white cast at all, which is surprising because it has SPF50.
  • Coverage: Sheer to semi-medium. Can be layered under foundation, BB cream, and powder (done all that!). I did not observe any caking.
  • Lasting power: This is so difficult to gauge but I did walk out in the sun more than 4 hours after applying this and I didn't get sunburned so reapplication may not be needed (you're supposed to reapply sunscreen gals!)
  • Oily-skin approved?: YES!!!

***Other Notes***
Where to buy: I saw this at SM Beauty section, Watsons, Zalora, Lazada, and if you're lucky, you can get this for free at (last time I checked, there's none left but they might restock since it is summer now/soon).
How much: 449.95 pesos for 50 ml - that's less than 10 pesos per full face application! You usually just need 0.5 ml to cover the face when it comes to foundations, moisturizers, sunscreens, and bb creams.

Here's my Full day try-on plus Review video of the Belo Tinted Sunscreen!

Bonus! Comparison Video of the Belo Tinted Sunscreen and Belo BB Cream!

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