BRTC Perfect Calming Gel Review, Ingredients, and Thoughts for my Sensitive Skin

I have acne-prone and sensitive skin so it isn't easy to find products to calm it especially when it is acting up. I usually use a lot of soothing gels as you can see in my Best Soothing Gel Battle video but I usually use them on my body and not my face because they can sometimes feel heavy. Needless to say, I've always been on the lookout for a gel product to soothe my facial skin whenever it is irritated. Thankfully, I've discovered the BRTC Perfect Calming Gel!

BRTC Perfect Calming Gel Review

What is the BRTC Perfect Calming Gel?

The BRTC Perfect Calming Gel is one of the newest products in the BRTC Perfect Calming Line which includes a toner, cream, emulsion, and serum besides this gel. This product is available in a 40 ml tube and a 100 ml jar. I got the jar because it is what was available when I got this product.

At first glance, this gel looks just like an aloe vera gel. I was really wondering why it cost around $60 for a tub of 100 ml when aloe vera gels are usually just $5 for 300 ml. The secret is in the ingredients and what this skin-calming gel can do for the skin. It is difficult to describe. You have to try it to feel the difference between this and just plain aloe vera gel. 

I like the blue box. Just the packaging alone is already calming, haha!

I cannot read Hangul but I included photos of the box for those who want to read what is in it.

BRTC Perfect Calming Gel Ingredients:

Atovax by BRTC, Blue Phyto Complex, witch hazel extract, niacinamide, western flower rose, soluble collagen, aloe vera

Note that most of the ingredients are known for skin-calming and skin-hydrating effects.

BLUE PHYTO COMPLEX is part of what makes BRTC Perfect Calming Gel special. According to their website, Blue Phyto Complex is a patented combination of skin-calming ingredients that work together to soothe the skin and protect the skin barrier. 

The scent is fresh and clean, like scented water but very subtle and fresh. I like how they were able to keep the gel clear despite packing it with essences and extracts from more than 24 herbs and vegetables. It is this combination of BRTC perfect Calming Gel ingredients that help keep the skin moist and healthy when you use this calming gel from BRTC.

Because I am based in the Philippines (which is very humid), I really appreciate how light this calming gel is. It absorbs fast and doesn't leave a sticky residue. I can easily layer this with my other skincare and top with makeup without overwhelming my skin. 

How to Use:
I usually wash my face, apply a toner, and follow with this gel. I often use this with Pure Heals Galatomyces First Essence. They work great together to give me hydrated skin with less redness and irritation. A pea-size amount is enough for the whole face. 

I also love using this calming gel with the EssenHerb Tea Tree Cream! Perfect Combination!

Why try BRTC Perfect Calming Gel

If you have dehydrated and oily skin but also acne-prone and sensitive, I think you should try BRTC Perfect Calming Gel. Below are more reasons:
  • contains botanical herbs that soothe the skin
  • free from irritating ingredients
  • the company based their formula on 10 researches and thesis
  • can be used on damaged and irritated skin
  • can improve skin texture and take care of dryness
  • have undergone skin irritation test

Watch my Get Ready With Me Video to see BRTC Perfect Calming Gel in action!



BRTC Perfect Calming Gel Review Summary

BRTC Perfect Calming Gel is currently one of my favorite skincare items. I'm almost out of my tub. Idk how else to rate this product but I will give this a score of 5 out of 5. While this is not yet holy grail status for me, I think that this works great especially when used with the products in the video and also the products in the photo below! Watch out for more Kbeauty skincare reviews!

What I personally like about BRTC Perfect Calming Gel:

  • light and absorbs fast
  • instant calming
  • not sticky
  • can be used day or night
  • works great with my other skincare products
  • light and fresh scent

video on current nighttime skincare routine coming soon!

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