Kris Life Kit Review, Swatches, Price, Wear Test from Ever Bilena #EBKrisLifeKit

Kris Life Kit has been making the rounds on social media for about a week now and I'm only posting this review today! The truth is, I've been super busy the past two months (I only published one blog for May! gasp!) and if it didn't rain the entire day today I wouldn't be able to find the time to create this post. 

What better way to make a blogging comeback than talk about the latest makeup release from one of my favorite Philippine makeup brands, right? I figured people will appreciate a review post on the #EBKrisLifeKit more than if I decide to write about the EB Kris Life Kit launch first, so here goes!

EB Kris Life Kit Review

As much as I would like to claim that this is going to be a full review of all the products in the EB Kris Life Kit Collection, this will only focus on the two products that are already in the market as of May 31, 2018 - the Ever Bilena Kris Matte Brow Liner and Brow Mascara and the Kris Matte Matic Lipstick. 

but first,

What is the EB Kris Life Kit? (chika in this paragraph, haha!)

From what I gathered during the launch held at La Vita last week, the EB Kris Life Kit is a collection of premium yet affordable makeup products that will have all the basic makeup that a woman needs. Kris was so chatty during the launch that she divulged they're working on blushes, powder foundation, more lippies, and possibly other products besides the already available brow liner and brow mascara duo and the Life and Love Kris Matte Matic Lipsticks.

The products in the Kris Life Kit are cruelty free and paraben free, yey!

me fangirling

I will write about the details shared during the launch some other time, but yeah, I totally fangirled and tried the EB Kris Matte Matic Lipstick in Life asap!

Ever Bilena Kris Matte Brow Liner and Brow Mascara Review

  • Price: P275 each
  • Shades: Happy Taupe and Beyond Brown

I have a thing for having #KilayOnFleek so I'd admit that I was really looking forward to trying out the Ever Bilena Kris Matte Brow Liner and Brow Mascara. Kris told everyone during the launch that this is the product that she really wanted to perfect because she believes that a woman can get away with not having a full face of makeup on as long as she's sporting groomed brows. She raved about the wand's shape and said that it makes the product easy to apply.

Ever Bilena Kris Matte Brow Liner and Brow Mascara Beyond Brown (top two swatches) and Happy Taupe (two bottom swatches)

The Ever Bilena Kris Matte Brow Liner and Brow Mascara's brow liner is a retractable pencil which has a thick side and a pointed side that can be used to simulate real brow hairs. What I like about this product is that the pencil isn't waxy and isn't brittle as well. It doesn't thug and the slim side does a great job of drawing brow hairs. The brow mascara part is very similar in consistency to the Ever Bilena Brow Gel Mascara. The real game changer is the wand. I love the wand! It made the brow mascara easy to apply and doesn't clump. As you can see in the photo below (the lip swatches), my brows looked natural!

Pros: Long lasting (5-8 hours), no weird scent (scent isn't too strong), easy to use, affordable, compact, superb packaging. 

Cons: Only two shades are available. A soft black or charcoal one would have been great too because although Beyond Brown is dark, it leans on being warm toned. The scent of the brow mascara may not be okay with some people but it goes away once dry.

EB  Kris Matte Matic Lipstick Review

 (Life and Love)

  • Price: 245 each
  • Shades: Life (neutral mid-tone pink) and Love (bright blue-toned red)

You cannot judge these lippies by looks alone. The formula is amaze-balls! Like wow!

Confession, I wasn't very excited about the EB Kris Matte Matic Lipsticks at first because I saw in social media weeks ago that they're only releasing two shades. I mean, I already have a ton of pink lippies and I know that red isn't my color because reds tend to make me look like an asian nobela contravida, haha! I ended up loving the red more in this collection!

Look at how flattering these shades are! I highly recommend LOVE. I know that more people want to get their hands on LIFE but if you're only gonna get one, make sure you get LOVE.

The EB Kris Matte Matic Lipsticks are certainly NOT your ordinary bullet lippies in chubby pencil form. There's something in the formula that gives the lippies a healthy sheen (not quite satin) so that they glide easily and are very forgiving on the lip lines. 

I tend to dread wearing matte lipsticks and prefer tints these days because I suffer from dry lips but again, I really think that they did something with their formula because I like these matte lippies. They seem to have a lot of lip conditioners in this formula and the color saturation is on point!

(Ehem EB, please make more shades PLEASE!)

I love the matte matic lippies from the EB Kris Life Kit so much that I'm including VERY RARE selfie swatches. 

Ganun sya katindi!

As you guys can see, LIFE did not wash me out. I know it looks like a cool-toned pink but I've swatched it beside my other favorites and it has a bit of peach in it. I guess Kris Aquino and Ever Bilena weren't kidding when they said they really aimed to make the shade universal.

Now, about LOVE...Is it normal to have such strong feelings for a lipstick? I've worn LOVE 4 times the past week. As in kahit sa bahay lang. That's how much I love LOVE! It is a sophisticated and grown-up red without being too sexy. I actually think it suits morenas more but I don't care, I'm gonna wear LOVE until my lippie is pudpod na. 

look at that gradient! I haven't worn them ombre yet.
Pros: Long lasting (4-6 hours), no weird scent (scent is a bit sweet), glides on the lips, hides lip lines, non-drying, VERY saturated, easy to use, affordable, compact, superb packaging, love that it is retractable.

Cons: Only two shades are available. Not sure if it leaving a stain is a con for some so I'm gonna write it as a con. The cap for my LOVE lippie cracked a bit. I really think that vampy shade and a brownish nude would have been great but perhaps they didn't add those shades because then the collection wouldn't be so Krissy anymore?

OVERALL VERDICT: Kris Aquino and Ever Bilena were able to deliver on what they promised and more! I am so glad that they didn't go overboard on the products.

While I am BITIN na BITIN because there were only 4 products released so far, I think that's a smart move. Better to have a few good products and make people want more than release half-baked ones, right?

I'm excited to see the rest!

I heard they're releasing more from this collection come July 2018, before Christmas, and some around Kris' birthday. 

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