Secret is Out! Sampleroom.Ph Mystery Product is Herbal Essences!

Secret is out! The Sampleroom.Ph Mystery Product is Herbal Essences! So a few weeks ago I received a mystery parcel from sampleroom and a lot of you were curious when I shared about it on YouTube Shorts. I believe some went and got their own samples so yay! Anyway, the reason why I am so thrilled to be a part of this is because this is the first time that SampleRoom created a #SampleRoomMysteryProduct campaign. If you are new to the blog and haven't heard of sampleroom, you can read a lot of my previous SR articles HERE

To continue, you weren't the only one who was curious weeks ago and like you, I did take the mystery sampling seriously and tried to guess what the mystery product it. I also tried it for several days before I shared which explains my happy smile in the photo below because I already know that I'm sharing something I like. 

Secret is Out! Sampleroom.Ph Mystery Product is Herbal Essences! 

Full videos at my instagram reels, just look for reals under @pinaybeautyandstyle

Now on to the review and reveal!

So the SampleRoom Mystery Product is a new way of product testing introduced by SR. They will introduce mystery products and users have the option to get a sample and try the product without any idea of the brand. The idea is to promote more honest reviews and reduce consumer bias. 

The first mystery parcel was sent to me with just a hint of what the products are for. They really just labelled with letters like what you see 2 photos up. Anyway I tried the products for several days and liked how they made my hair look and feel so I snapped photos to prepare for the reveal. In the 'unboxing' photo above, I have only tested the products once. 

After a few days, I got a new parcel containing the product that I tested in its real packaging. I filmed an unboxing for this too at my Instagram Reels and uploaded as well in my YouTube Shorts (because I don't have Tiktok and my YouTube has more than  15K followers so I opted to share there too). 

The reveal was so much fun because I learned that so many viewers/followers already thought its gonna be Herbal Essences and they were right!

The photo above was snapped after I filmed my Reveal unboxing. This was around after a week or about 5-6X usage of the product. Notice how much body my hair has. I usually need to brush a lot and blow dry to get the same look but for this week, I only did wash and wear, meaning my hair was all-natural and was just air-dried. No styling product was used. 


Was I able to make a guess? well, yes and no. Yes because I suspected that it might be Herbal Essences because there are only a few hair care brands that are paraben-free and mostly made from natural ingredients in the Philippines. I also thought that it was gonna be one of those imported 'posh' brands so I was happy to see that it is Herbal Essences because their variants are readily available in big stores as well as online merchants in the Philippines.

I also did not hit the mark for describing the scent. I described it as natural, fruity, subtle, feminine, and floral but after the reveal and looking up the product, the description says its natural, coconutty, and floral, haha! So I missed the coconut scent and described it as fruity because I have always associated the tropical coconut scent with a fruity description. Now, as for the scent, it lasts the entire day but it is not in your face, it s really subtle and feminine which I like a lot.


I enjoyed the process so I think that overall this way of product testing will work for a lot of people. I do admit that I had some initial anxiety because I was a bit hesitant to try at first and was worried that the products will irritate my scalp. I even did a 72-hour patch test before using it on my hair. So yeah overall it is a success but I can see some people may also hesitate going for a mystery test. What made me try is my trust for the platform since they really do screen products and brands before adding to their sampling roster. Skin testing is a good practice, though, so I always do it because I have many skin sensitivities and allergies. Anyway, Herbal Essences definitely passed my sensitive-skin test, yay! Bonus is that it made my hair bouncy and lively so more yay!


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