Revlon Colorstay Lifeproof Foundation Stick Review - The Foundation for Philippine Weather!

I'm not usually a fan of foundation sticks because they don't work on my oily dehydrated skin so it took me a while before I decided to take Revlon Colorstay Lifeproof Foundation Stick for a spin. Major regret because it turned out really good!

Revlon Colorstay Lifeproof Foundation Stick Review - The Foundation for Philippine Weather!

Revlon Colorstay Lifeproof Foundation Stick Review

Yep, I've said it. THIS is the foundation for Philippine weather! I usually take a long time to post reviews because I don't like posting reviews about products that I've only tried once or twice so rest assured I've used this for about a week before publishing this review on Revlon ColorStay LifeProof Foundation Stick. 

Buy Revlon online in the Philippines via the Revlon Shopee official store HERE (click this so you can be sure to get authentic products. They usually have sales there too. An alternative is to buy Revlon products from Lazada Ph HERE (clickable direct link so you can buy hassle-free :)

Revlon Colorstay Lifeproof Foundation Stick Review
looks can be deceiving, the shades do not look the same once on your skin

Another reason for the delay is because thought Revlon just sent me foundation that was just a revamped Insta-Fix foundation stick so I thought I already tried the product. I told myself that I will just do a swatches or unboxing. Wait, yes, Revlon Colorstay Lifeproof Foundation Stick Swatches are coming but I really wanted to get the review out because this foundation didn't fail me in several days of work and holidays rush. This foundation delivered for the days when I had to commute all over Metro Manila and had no time to retouch my makeup. This is one of those foundation products that looks great after you've worn it a bit. The secret is to blot excess oil instead of layering powder. 

The Revlon ColorStay Life Proof Foundation Stick is available in 10 colors in the Philippines, namely:
  • 150 Buff Chamois
  • 180 Sand Beige/Beige Sable
  • 200 Nude/Nu
  • 220 Natural Beige/Beige Naturel
  • 240 Medium Beige/Beige Moyen
  • 290 (I got 2 of 290) Natural Ochre/Ochre Naturel
  • 300 Golden Beige/Beige Dorie
  • 330 Natural Tan/Hale Naturel
  • 340 Barely Tan/Premier Hale

Revlon Colorstay Lifeproof Foundation Stick swatches will be on another post because I wanted to check first if there are 9 shades or really 10. 

Update: So the missing shades are Warm Golden, Toast, and Caramel. I have fair skin so I think that is why they weren't sent to me. I will check again if they are available in the Philippines too for the morenas out there. 

Revlon Colorstay Lifeproof Foundation Stick Review

The packaging is just the same as the Revlon Instafix Foundation Stick that they've released years ago. The difference is in the formula. Revlon Colorstay Lifeproof Foundation Stick glides easier and is more forgiving on skin texture as compared to InstaFix. Also, I've noticed that InstaFix has more white cast but the ColorStay LifeProof one has nearly none despite having SPF 27.

Okay, I know that a lot of people will complain that the foundation has 50 shades of white and none for those with deeper skin tone but I've tried the 3 lightest shades and as you can see above, they did take note of differences in undertone. Foundation shade development is very difficult because investing in one shade can mean millions of dollars for production so that is why companies usually produce shades that has the biggest market share. 

Anyway, after swatching the 3 lightest shades of Revlon Colorstay LifeProof Foundation Stick, I find that Sand Beige is my color mixed with Buff. 

I placed the product strategically on areas I wanted more coverage. You can use different shades for low-key contouring. I was glad I used sparingly for my first try because although the coverage is only medium, it is buildable to full coverage. More so, you can take better advantage of the soft matte finish if you use sparingly. Really good for lazy days or pulling off a no-makeup makeup look. 

The above is once blended without any powder. Revlon ColorStay Lifeproof really looks natural. I applied between 4-5pm and pulled an all-nighter.

After 16-17 hours (the following morning) you can see some are still remaining on my face. I had to go straight to the mall after travel because my sim card stopped working. Thankfully, my foundation held on!

So again, yes, Revlon ColorStay LifeProof Foundation Stick looks a lot like Instafix but with a better formula and longer staying power. I think that if you liked other Revlon foundation products then you will like this one too. You can buy Revlon ColorStay LifeProof Foundation Stick anywhere Revlon products are sold in the Philippines. I also spotted this in the brand's Shopee store!

My rating: 4.5/5! Good buy!

Revlon Colorstay Lifeproof Foundation Stick swatches soon!

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