Caronia's Exquisite Collection - Nail Color for Holidays 2019!

December is just a few days away and I'm really hyped up for all the holiday get-togethers. Part of me feels dyahe because it means meeting people I haven't seen for a while and they'll surely scrutinize every part of my look or outfit, including my nails!

Caronia's Exquisite Collection - Nail Color for Holidays 2019!

I've been very busy lately so I have almost no time to take care of myself. I also don't have time to go to nail salons and the like to have my nails done. Thankfully, there are trusted nail polish brands like Caronia. I've been using Caronia nail polish for more than 2 decades so I'm sure their products deliver exactly what I want when I am crunched for time. Love the colors for this collection too!

They've released the Caronia Exquisite Collection 2 weeks ago. I've tried and tested the polishes and they've held strong for more than 5 days before chipping. Needless to say, I am happy with the performance considering I usually get chipping from more expensive polishes in just a matter of days. 

So the colors are:
  • Crimson is a vivid red tint with a hint of inner vamp for sophisticated nail color perfect for when you want to look grown up and sexy at the same time. This color looks particularly great for the toes. 
  • Champagne is a muted and decadent gold. It isn't screaming like other golds so it looks really elegant.
  • Dusk is midnight green that looks really great for those with a golden or olive undertone. It has a mature vibe without looking goth, you know what I mean?
  • Twilight is a beautiful dark blue that is universally flattering. 

The Caronia Exquisite Collection is available for purchase as a set from Lazada and Shopee via Caronia's official stores. Such a bargain for just P151. I personally think this will make for a great gift for your nail polish-loving friends :)

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