Ever Bilena Chocolate Palette Review, Swatches, and Price - It is SOOO Sulit!

Ever Bilena eyeshadows are a favorite of mine from the local drugstore. I mean, I think I've reviewed all the eyeshadows they're released so far hahaha! See my list of reviews for Philippine drugstore palettes here. Anyway, what drew me to the new Ever Bilena Chocolate palette is the packaging. It looks like it is going to be a Kylie Eyeshadow dupe!

It wasn't, by the way... but I'm glad that it isn't.

Ever Bilena Chocolate Palette Review

So, what is the Ever Bilena Chocolate Palette?

The Ever Bilena Chocolate Palette is a compact eyeshadow palette composed of 9 matte shades in varying shades of browns. Swatches below!

As you can see from the photo below, the palette is quite small and compact (smaller than the Kylie ones, more of the size of MAC 9-pan palettes). 

The palette retails for P220 although the price may slightly vary depending on which vendor you are buying from. Lazada's price is P220 and you get 7.5 grams of product. True, it is less than 1 gram per shade but at P220 for a palette with a good mirror, I'm not complaining.

My initial thought was the colors are too similar to each other and I wish they've included a darker brown or a brown-black and a true chocolate. I also wish that they've named the shades. 

I was wrong about the shades being too similar because, upon closer inspection, they differ in undertone. I think this is a good move so that the palette will work on most people (because everyone can find the right brown shades that are flattering for them). 

I'm happy about the formula of new Ever Bilena products because they're moving towards going fully #ParabenFree. Since they don't sell in China and don't use animal products for the raw ingredients, they're #CrueltyFree too yay!

The packaging is a compact shiny black plastic that can easily get marked with fingerprints but is easy to clean too. There is no applicator included but the mirror is good and not distorted. To be honest, on some days I just use my fingers to apply eyeshadow. I believe I've shown that in my Youtube video of my review for the EB Advance Uncover Palette, haha!

Ever Bilena Chocolate Palette Swatches

I created the swatches for the Ever Bilena Chocolate Palette over dry skin using finger swatches overlapped to form a heart.

As can be seen in the Ever Bilena Chocolate Palette swatches above, the 9 matte shades included in the palette are a range of terracottas, mochas, coffee and milk shades, and deep browns. I really wish they've named each shade in the palette but I guess seeing the unfiltered raw swatches is good too.

I really appreciate that they've made this an all-matte palette and included a few transition shades. I always run out of transition shades in my other palettes so now I got a lot, yassss!

Another thing that I like in the Ever Bilena Chocolate Palette is that I can pair this up with a lot of my other palettes or simply have this in my bag or kikay kit for everyday makeup.

I still wish there is an almost-black brown. The darkest brown is actually a bit hard to swatch but upon testing on my lids with a brush, it applies and blends well. It is quite dark too and you can create a soft smoky eye with just the shades in the palette. You'll see me do that in the review video which I will upload after this.

Ever Bilena Chocolate Palette Review Summary and my random thoughts

  • Lasting power is only 5-7 hours on my oily eyelids but I have no problem with that. I am not expecting this to be a "pandigmaan" palette
  • No weird chemical scent and smells just like normal powder makeup
  • the darkest brown of the shades is a bit patchy for swatching and difficult to blend but it performs okay with a brush.
  • decent color saturation, not Urban Decay levels but more of a bit better than Maybelline.
  • The terracotta shades are my faveeeeee
  • I wish they make other versions...like maybe a rose gold one, a berries one, etc
  • I really think that they should have named this a palette chocolate peach. 
  • Giving this a solid 4.5/5. Recommended!
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Buy EB Advance and Ever Bilena products online HERE from their official Shopeemall store to make sure that you get fresh stocks always and see their new releases too!

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