Peeling gels are my thing. I switch between peeling gel and scrubs but because I'm not getting any younger, I find that peeling gels are friendlier to my skin and do not leave me with reddened skin that I usually get from using face scrubs and body scrubs. 

I've tried so many peeling gels but I haven't reviewed them...either because they're too expensive (so magagalit lang madami sakin) or are not readily available in stores (so mas madami magagalit sa akin!). 

RA & Gowoori REAL KILL 9.9 HONEYLEMON PEELING GEL is different because it is not only affordable, it is also hassle-free to purchase because RA Gowoori launched in the Philippines!


What is a Peeling Gel?

Peeling gels are a relatively new beauty thing popularized by Kbeauty and JBeauty brands. A peeling gel is a type of exfoliating product that promises to peel off dead skin, so a peeling gel is a physical exfoliator or a gentle physical scrub (not a chemical exfoliator). Labmuffin has a great article on whether peeling gels really work

The RA & Gowoori REAL KILL 9.9 HONEYLEMON PEELING GEL works the same way as any other peeling gel but I think that what makes this product different from the rest is that it is affordable (the RA & Gowoori peeling gel costs less than half of more popular peeling gels) but is just as effective. That's a win for me!

How to Use the RA & Gowoori Peeling Gel?

Some resources say that you must use a peeling gel after wetting your face but I find that the RA & Gowoori REAL KILL 9.9 HONEYLEMON PEELING GEL works better over dry skin (just like what is said on the packaging). I usually just take a pea-sized amount and spread on one side of my face, wait 5-10 seconds, and then start massaging.

I use this 2-3x a week after cleansing or after a bath.

everything you need to know is written on the packaging

I find that this peeling gel does not irritate my skin and is very gentle considering I have extra sensitive skin. I have experienced no breakouts or irritation whatsoever while using this RA & Gowoori peeling gel.

Below is a demo.

 Just use a pea-sized amount.

Spread on the skin and wait 5-10 seconds. 

You can see that the RA & Gowoori REAL KILL 9.9 HONEYLEMON PEELING GEL is already working!

Scrub/massage and say goodbye to all your dead skin!


I love using peeling gels because they provide gentle exfoliation that helps other products I use be absorbed better. Sayang naman yung skincare if natatakpan ng dirt yung skin, right? Using peeling gels also help with achieving glass skin because it helps smoothen the skin. Best part? FDA approved unlike other imported products that are non-regulated.

This one from RA Gowoori is a new fave! I'm on my 2nd tube na! I even use this for the entire body para baby skin! 5/5!


May not be available nationwide but they do have resellers via shopee. This is obviously lemon-scented so those who don't like lemon scents may not love this but the scent isn't overpowering so still works for me. 

You can also join the FB Group saeliyurimelissalee's all about korean cosmetics and skin care to purchase. I buy their products at Pop Culture in Trinoma :) This retails for around P450-P500. Not bad because one tube can last you about 3-4 months if using for the neck and face lang.

Which RA Gowoori Product Should I review next?

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