EB Advance Make-Up Remover - New Ever Bilena Makeup Remover Review!

I've been meaning to share a review of the new version of the EB Advance Make-Up Remover for a long while now but I kept putting it off until I can find the older version so I can make a comparison. Alas, even after weeks of cleaning and looking for the Ever Bilena Makeup Remover, I just can't find a bottle so here I am posting a standalone EB Advance Make-Up Remover review instead.

Ever Bilena Makeup Remover Review

 What is the EB Advance Make-Up Remover and What's new with it?

EB Advance Make-Up Remover is a biphasic makeup remover from Ever Bilena. Biphasic simply means that it has an oil-based component and a water-based component that you have to mix together by shaking the bottle before using the product to remove your makeup. The oil component helps break down long wearing and waterproof makeup while the water based component is to help lift up the makeup from the skin.

The first time that I saw the new EB Advance Make-Up Remover was at the #EBBoldBeauty Blogger Event but at that time, I thought that it was the same as their older version which while effective with removing makeup, has a bit of a stinging effect. After a few months, I saw some FB posts from people raving the product so I bought a bottle to try it out and wow! I was impressed!

  • Price: P120-P125 per 70 ml bottle. Not bad.
  • Where to Buy: everywhere Ever Bilena products are sold. I've seen this in Mercury Drug, Watson's SM Hypermarket, Waltermart, and Lazada.

The EB Advance Make-Up Remover is good for 24 months after opening. The product is also just 70ml so it is airline safe.

According to an EB representative, the formula for the new EB Advance Make-Up Remover has less alcohol content than their older version so it is much gentler on the skin.

Be sure to look for this in the EB counters because I had a hard time finding my first bottle not knowing it is packaged in a box haha!

To get the oil and water part to combine, you'll have to shake vigorously.

It will transform to an opaque light blue fluid after shaking (of course the oil and water would separate again later). 

In the photo above, the swatches on my arm are all long-wearing makeup. I have swatches of liquid lipsticks, gel and liquid eyeliner, a 24 hour foundation, highlighter, contour, and waterproof face powder.

I also appreciate that they have a stopper on top.

I find that it is much better to not over-saturate the cotton pad. Just damp to touch is enough.

  • Left - the first light swipe made a dent on the swatches already although I didn't exert force or used a scrubbing motion!
  • Right - After 3 light swipes!

  • Left - after 4 light swipes!
  • Right - no redness though I have long wearing makeup on and have super sensitive skin!! and yes, I used the same cotton pad!

EB Advance Make-Up Remover - New Ever Bilena Makeup Remover Review Summary

I love that this doesn't sting my eyes except when I'm wearing a particularly strong formula of mascara.
  • Scent: no weird chemically or alcohol scent 5/5 for me!
  • Ease of use: no brainer usage, 5/5
  • Price: may be a bit pricier at first glance because 1 ml is at almost 2 pesos but I like this because I don't have to tug on my skin to remove long-wearing makeup as compared to when I'm using micellar water which would usually need repeated rubbing or saturating the cotton pad thorougly. I give this a 4/5 for price
  • Availability: 4.5/5 but only because I had a hard time finding this not knowing this comes in a box!
  • Overall: I guess the photos speak for how good the EB Advance Make-Up Remover  is! 4.75/5 for me!

Buy EB Advance and Ever Bilena products online HERE from their official Shopeemall store to see their new releases too!

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