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I know I should be blogging about my list of Best Beauty Finds for 2017 but I feel that I should first publish separate reviews of my ultimate skincare and makeup finds before I do that. One favorite that made it to both of my lists is the Loreal Revitalift Power Water!

Loreal Revitalift Power Water Review

How I discovered the Loreal Power Water was purely incidental. I was shopping at Watsons in SM Megamall because they have a Watsons sale at that time. I needed to reach a total of P1500 to get an extra 10% off and so I grabbed a bottle of Loreal Power Water which was on sale for just P249 from an original price of P499. I thought to myself that if the product didn't work, then I almost got it for free because I'll be getting a discount on top of already discounted products! Oh yeah, I'm a tipid beauty and sulit na sulit beauty shopper!

What is the Loreal Revitalift Power Water?

It should be noted that the Loreal Power Water is not a toner and not a serum either. The manufacturers simply describe it as an anti-aging cosmetic water that can hydrate the skin and refine pores.

CLAIM and FACTS: They claim that this water can:
  • moisturize the skin for up to 48 hours
  • improve skin elasticity and texture
  • can stimulate collagen synthesis
  • can smoothen the skin or complexion
  • and can reinforce the epidermal cohesion of the skin with the primary anti-aging ingredient pro-xylene.

I won't go about discussing the science behind the claims but I've seen massive improvements on my skin's texture  and hydration within 2 days of usage. I even went out and bought backups as can be seen on my IG POST!

The Loreal Revitalift Laser X3 Power Water promises to recharge, replump, and refine skin!

The Loreal Power Water is available in Watsons Ph, Lazada, Major stores, BeautyMNL and select websites in the Philippines for just P499 for a 175 ml bottle. 

So let's go back to taking about the product...

I was surprised at how expensive the packaging looks and feels considering the drugstore skincare price tag. The bottle isn't as heavy as those used in luxury skincare but it doesn't look cheap either. 

The opening at the top is quite large perhaps because the liquid isn't very watery at all. It is a viscous clear liquid with a very light feel. Almost like a liquefied gel.

The scent is very minimal and goes way after the product is absorbed within 3-5 minutes. You simply apply it on your skin like a serum. No need for a cotton ball. This is even more effective than some serums I have!

For reference:

  • my skin type is oily combination
  • I also have dehydrated skin (which is why its oily)
  • I have dry patches
  • I also have acne prone sensitive skin
  • I'm in my 30s living an unhealthy lifestyle

I use this Loreal Revitalift Laser product for my face, my neck, and sometimes even my arms and legs. How could you not when it is so affordable?

Loreal Power Water Review

I love this product so much and if you follow me on social media then you know how much I've been talking about this! I rate this:

  • Hydration 5/5
  • Scent 5/5
  • Skin Plumping 5/5
  • User-friendliness 5/5
  • Value for Money 5/5
  • Anti Aging Effects 5/5
  • Skin Renewal 5/5

HG status for me definitely!

I've been using this for 4 months and I almost haven't touched my serums in that time period because I don't see the need quite frankly. A bottle lasted me 4 months! Try it and see for yourself!

This will be in my list of the Best Anti-Aging Products of 2017! 

Watch out for that blog post :)

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