UNBOXING! Lash Lab Manila Lash Drawer - First in the Philippines!

I can't even remember when I started looking for a lash book or a lash drawer to help me organize my stash of falsies, but it seems all lash books and lash drawers being made are meant for little girls! Of course I'm not happy with that, so I simply made do with stashing my lashes in pill boxes, the sides of my laptop, and everywhere else...and then I saw Lash Lab Manila's newest creation.

Lash Lab Manila Lash Drawer as seen on Instagram

Whoa, whoa, whoa!  I can't believe my eyes when I saw the photo above because I've been looking for something like that for so long! It's sleek, versatile-looking, thick enough to house costume falsies, and it is locally available (and locally made!).

I immediately placed my order and was relieved that they accept payments via Paypal, BDO, and BPI. They only use LBC for courier though, but I can understand that because other couriers are not as reliable.

I placed my order on a Saturday night and got my parcel Monday morning. Here's the unboxing/unbagging!

My Lash Lab parcel came looking good!

I was a bit worried because the acrylic can get damaged during shipment so was so relieved that my parcel came well-packed with bubble wrap.

There's another label with my name and order details. They really make sure there'd be no switching of orders at all.

Now, this really wowed me. Can we just talk about the packaging? It's like receiving a gift!

The black paper is a nice touch together with the ribbon. I felt like I was unboxing some lingerie hihi.

What!? More bubble wrap! I'm beyond impressed at this point.

Finally! My Lash Lab Manila loot!

Aside from the acrylic lash drawer, I got the Christina regular silk false lashes, as suggested by the owner (because I only wanted something for daily use that would be safe for the office) and was so surprised that it looked so much better in person. Glad I did not get the Annas because they must be vavavoom!

The Chistinas are only P250 for 5 pairs. As of today, I've worn one pair for 3 days and they still look okay. Good thing I got the acylic lash drawer to save them in every night, eh?

I also bought their black eyeliner coz it looks like a cat haha!

The cats made sure everything was okay.  I think my new lash drawer is cat-approved!

As you can see, the Lash Lab Manila lash drawer is quite big (but sleek at the same time). It is about an inch thick with enough space between the curved-thingies-you're-supposed-to-rest-your-lashes-on to accommodate costume pieces so you can use them more.

In the photo above, I placed the Christina regular silk lashes, the eyeliner, and my contacts case inside the lash drawer so you can have a better idea of the drawer's size.

The lash drawer can be stacked with another one and can house 12 pairs of lashes.

And oh, the acrylic is quite thick too! The lash drawer have some heft to it. No flimsy cardboard for Lash Lab!

I got my lash drawer for an introductory price of just P900.

I think that's an awesome price for something that can save you tons of money, looks great on your vanity, and is locally made in the Philippines!

Where to Buy the Lash Lab Manila Lash Drawer?

Lash Lab Manila is a home-grown brand that first introduced their lashes to Philippine beauty junkies in December 2016. They carry cruelty-free mink lashes, regular silk lashes, and high-end silk lashes plus other lash-related accessories.

You can find them at the following links (simply click, will open in a new tab).

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