Yes, I'm Lazy! Should I Let Someone Else Do My Dirty Jobs?

If there's one thing that I hate when it comes to living on my own, it would be cleaning up after myself. Oh yes! I hate dusting and vacuuming with a passion!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a slob. It's just that when you're traveling all the time or have a very mentally exhausting job, dusting and vacuuming are probably not ranking very high on your priorities (at least for me)

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I'm also not a very patient person. 

Sure, you've seen me do DIY home decorating on YouTube, or perhaps have seen some of my beauty hacks and all that...but hey, that's different! That involves a bit of creativity and not really repetitive...unlike having to clean my own place :(

Why I'm talking about this is because I am kinda missing having a reliable apartment cleaning service provider at the push of a button. 

You see, living in the Philippines, companies that provide scheduled apartment cleaning services are not really a thing YET...although I've heard about a company called Dirty Jobs just this week. 

I'm currently facing one tough decision whether I'll just keep borrowing my neighbor's maid (a live-in cleaning lady) or should I go ahead and try whether can indeed do my 'dirty jobs'.

But why?

To tell you guys the truth, I may have been a bit spoiled after using

Based in NYC, apartment cleaning service really made my life easier back in the US!

All I have to do back then was book an appointment either via the website or the app, pay using my credit card, and a cleaner will come to my place, complete my cleaning request, and I come back to a clean home after a few hours. 

I've only used their cleaning service 3 to 4 times (and another time when I had to move to a new place) but good service isn't easy to forget. If I remember it correctly, I was also able to book the same cleaning professional for all my cleaning appointments. I've read that somewhere as a tip, that you can request the same cleaning professional if you liked their service.

I'm not sure if I can expect the same type of service that I got from Handy from Dirty Jobs...but it would be totally amaze-balls if that is the case!

Can you imagine how revolutionary would that be if we have that same caliber of apartment cleaning service here in the Philippines? 

All lazy and busy peeps out there REJOICE!

Okay, okay, it might be too early for some celebratory cheers so you better hold on to your shots.

I'll let you guys know whether the local service is worth it or not...

...or should we fervently wish that would consider expanding here on our side of the globe?

Til next time!

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